Do I need to enable "Lock to half framerate" in both PimaxXr AND Pimax Play client?

I’m running a Pimax Crystal on a RTX 3090 and wondering if I need to lock half framerate in both PimaxXr AND Pimax Play client or, indeed, if I should only lock in one.


Does anyone know?

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I would suggest to just try it out, you should see pretty fast results with different settings.
In theory it should be enough to lock half framerate only in pimax client, as pimax client is directly feeding pimax XR.

One of them is enough to get half frames.
I am not sure what happens with booth on - try it.

You can enable this feature via client.

Or you prefer via PimaxXR.

Thank you guys. As I lock 90hz at half rate it doesn’t seem to make a difference if one or both, I always hit 45/46 fps. I’ll look harder to see if any LOD levels change. I also have Smoothflight but I’ll disable that while looking. I judt wish I ould get rid of the blurrys when I am turnng/looking around.