DMAS status update missing from weekly reports

Could we please get an update on the ~1000 unit production run last mentioned in Sept 9th weekly update?

There has been no mention of DMAS progress in either of the last 2 weekly updates (Sept 16 or Sept 23).



Yes, please. Also info on the mini DP cable for laptops. @PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA

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The DMAS and KDMAS do have some status updates in the pipeline and I’ll see if we can also update the laptop cable information.


What’s the status of eye tracking module shipments? I preordered July 11th and still waiting for it.

Hand and Eye tracking modules are arriving and shipping out to those who ordered them. Based on your order date I imagine yours will go out in the next batch.

I’ll see if we can put in a general status update on the ET shipping.


Appreciate it, thanks for the updates @PimaxUSA


Yes, I would like to know what is happening with DMAS too, as I received an unsettling response from a “Joan” from Pimax this morning telling me, “deluxe headstrap: it is still under R and D process, you need to wait for some time, probably in Feb 2021.” This can’t be for real, right?

The same email also said my 15mm foam and plastic hinge will be sent by logistics department “later”. I need those hinges so I can use the headset without getting headaches after 5-10mins.

Was also informed that I need to pay an extra $100 USD for my eye tracking module that I have not received, because I used a discount code to purchase that was not supposed to be given to me. I’m a super patient guy, but this is really beginning to push my tolerance limits. Please provide us an accurate update on the DMAS, missing foams and plastic hinges Pimax.


Ohh Dayum. I wonder if thats the reason they not selling the Deluxe Headstraps for the time being.

I’m still curious whats going on. I know they said they would be done with all pre orders by the end of this month. But I’ve been told with mine would be late October.

So that kinda just says they be done with the 2019 pre orders this month and all the main pre orders that have been done like in June or July 2020 be either pushed back next month.

My Pimax 8K X Pre Order is the Deluxe one and being told if the DMAS is ready by then, it be shipped with it.

My Eye tracking prolly be the same thing as well, it be late Octoberish as well.

I would like to see DMAS, KDMAS update. (& pictures as well on the DMAS)


indeed where is the DMAS?

Also with the rotation problems with the hinge,it will likely effect the DMAS add on as wel…
Maybe it will not come close enough to your ears…

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This is insane. If they gave it to you then it’s yours and their own fault. This company is so money hungry they throw their own customers off a cliff one by one just to grab a bit more money. What a disgusting way of doing business. I really hope another company starts creating large FOV headsets because this company needs to go down hard.
I ordered my eye tracker with two times 100 discount too. But it says ‘label printed’ for 3 weeks now in the FedEx tracker info.
So I guess I need to keep asking why they are not sending it to find out they intend to pry more money out of me, I’m sure.


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