Dizziness after playing vr

Hi, yesterday i played 2/3 hours of redout in lenovo explorer with some stops between. I went to bed and read some pages from a book to relax. half hour after i sleep i started to feel dizziness and vertigo. its the second time that happened. the fist time happened in work. this simptoms only started when i begin to play in vr. i dont feel motion sickness neither dizziness while playing.
Its normal to happen? im a little afraid to go back to vr. :cold_sweat:

It might be something you can get used to. Try some gravol or ginger root to manage the symptoms.


I think it happened because you used your mobile phone to play this anti-gravity racing game. Why don’t you use other big platforms to play this racing game like PS4 or Xbox? Actually, I am also interested in multiplayer shooter games like the player unknown battleground. But I always used PS4 console to play this game. You can also try this game. You can buy player unknown battleground and have fun. This games can mostly play on the console like Xbox One.

Not sure what your saying here. The OP did not say he was using a mobile phone to play? He was using Lenovo explorer vr hmd?

The issue he has is he gets vertigo and dizziness after using vr!

He also never asked about fps games… Are you sure your not replying to the wrong post or something?


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Hi and welcome to the forums.

What you are describing is vr sickness. Common issues causing this can be.:

Pc not upto vr spec with lost frames and reduced fps. What score does your pc have in steam vr?

Games that have you move in vr without your RL body moving, can make the brain sense the lack of motion in RL. You were playing a racing game where the ship is floating, may affect some people.

IPD set incorrectly can cause your vision to be strained while trying to focus

Looking left or right while moving forward can cause nausea

If your new to vr, short use of vr is recommended to get your vr legs, short time in vr is best say 15mins on 15mins off is a good start.

Good luck


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