DIY "room scale" for any pc and console game

The closest I can get to room scale 's feeling in any pc and console game (played in vr and not in vr), by walking in place or walking across a room using my shoes with sensors, using an aim controller on the right hand to fire a gun and a glove on the left hand (or 2 gloves - right and left hand) to interact in game to pick up items etc.

Need to still tweak a few things .
I can run or walk in a few different ways based of my preference.

Moreover I can bind any button (keyboard or mouse) I want on the aim controller in case I want to use the old locomotion method and not walking or running using my shoes with sensors/legs

Ps: sorry for the slow movement but my play area was not clear enough and I did not set the wiring properly to avoid any tripping hazard

@PimaxUSA @pimax @Pimax-Support , please release the wifi module for the 8k/5k+ because the wiring on the pimax is a pain in the butt!

The only thing I miss of the vive is the tpcast add on !

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What are you using to achieve this? I used to have PSMove service with ScpToolkit working, but trying this recently I had issues with the bluetooth connection.

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I am running

  1. x360ce that allows that the aim controller is recognised by my pc

  2. joytokey that allows me to remap all the aim controller buttons to keyboard buttons

By doing that, i can click any button on my psvr aim controller (to which I reassigned functions) at the same time i am clicking any button on my keyboard/or mouse.
They work simultaneously .

If I would like to add aiming capabilities to the aim controller, instead of using the vr headset, I can just use a captosensor to mount on the aim controller and that would be set up as mouse input on the pc. The captosensor would work as a “tracker” for the aim controller = a mouse

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What is connecting(hardware/drivers) it to the pc? Do you have a PS USB adapter, or are you using a generic bluetooth adapter. I have used x360ce with Controller Companion, the problem is to (reliably)connect the ‘ps3’ controllers wirelessly. It could be my setup or maybe Aim uses different bluetooth stack(?).

the aim controller is not on Bluetooth. It is wired to the pc. The bluetooth is not working of the aim on pc. This is why I am planning to do it wireless using 1 of these 2 ideas we were talking about before:

If your goal is to get a wireless gun peripheral(xinput to remap to keyboard), I am using a Top Shot Elite(with a tracker). This is wireless/xinput/all buttons & analog sticks, and for the price it would probably be worth it to avoid the hardware/software issues of trying to use the Aim controller.

But does that work in non native vr games played with vorpx or does it only work with native vr games in steamvr ?

Yes, this works in non native vr games, it is technically just an X360 controller(could play Dark Souls with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). The ‘aiming’ is similar to what the wiimotes used(IR Camera/sensor bar), I’m not even sure if that works in Windows(never tried). I got it to use with Doom 3 BFG VR which has native X360/keyboard support along with Vive wand input. The biggest drawback is it’s lack of ffb.

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Ok. Thanks! You are right.
At this point better to get that than to try to make that aim controller bluetooth.

Having babies home , that aim controller looks less obvious that a real gun and does not bug my wife if the babies see that lol

So the only issue i might have with what you are using , for me to use, is the look lol

Just to be clear, in the video above , to walk, i am using the shoes i made using sensors and captosensor .

My dream for my next vr gadget purchase to use with the shoes I made to walk in non native vr games and pc and console games.

Any suggestions/idea to make it DIY ?

I have tested the running in place mechanic using my shoes, that is the same as running on the katvr treadmill or the vortuix treadmill. I have put under my shoes those bases that allow to move furniture and I can cover my play area with carpet so I can run in any place of my play area but also still enjoy roomscale by walking around the playarea

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There are DIY omnitreadmills using satelite dishes. This would probably require a ‘waist ring’, I’m not sure if the one you linked is motorized.

But then we are stuck on a dish.
With the method i described above and that i am finishing tuning up, we can walk in a our play area and then run in place when we want in a point of our play area. In the end, running in a dish or on a platform of the katv or of the vituixomni, is the same as staying on 1 point of our room scale and run in place as in the video i posted above

I figured you were just trying to better emulate a walking motion, as “non native vr games” don’t use room scale.
I am unfamiliar with the ‘treadmill’ you linked, does this allow for room scale/wip?

The shoes i made using the captosensors can simulate the effect of room scale for non native vr games that support wasd keystrokes .

For room scale i mean being able to walk in the game by walking accros my play area.

I can do that already .

For each step i take, a w keystroke is pressed

I can also step backward and the s keyboard is pressed

I can shuffle left and right and the a and s keystrokes are pressed.

The direction of the walk is given by the headset.

For simulating running , i can run in place though not perfect yet because of a bug in captoglove software. I am trying to find a solution for that with a different hardware.

This method can be used to play any non vr pc game played in vr and any consoles game , by using feet to move in game and not a hand controllers .

The treadmill, do not allow you to freely move around your room/around your play area. I already have a treadmill (katvr mini) so i already know what means not be able to experience free movemets in your play area. It ruin the in game immersion for me.

Cybershoes , stuck us on a chair, so it kills the immersion we would get when we move accross our playarea, same as treadmills do

So…? It sounds like you have all possible options, unless this has some kind of ‘return to center’ motors?

I was talkimg about this idea because it would be nice i could make my whole play room area with susch rolling floor to use my shoes on, without having any return to center motors. Just a floor that would facilitate the running