DIY Locomotion systems for any non VR games played in VR using vorpx , any pc games and any console games

It would be nice if everyone can share their locomotion DIY method or even if not DIY.

I have implemented this method.
I can even jump in place and I actually jump in the game.
I can move around my play area, obviously being sure to not move too much around since there is no boundary limit warning in the vr headset

My DIY locomotion WASD system works for any pc games , for any console game and for any pc game played in VR through vorpx .

I need some little more fine tuning of the shoes because of the too soft textile not be perfect for the bending and pressure sensors, but I think I am getting closer to a more immersive way of playing my games ! more controller to walk!

Next step is using the gloves to remove the use of the keyboard for hands interaction in games

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That’s awesome. Myself unfortunately still stuck with seated experiences. Though if I can find my stuff may buy Driver4vr & experiment with xb360kinect. As pimax acessories seem to be atm in a galaxy far far away.

My optimistic approach is Waiting for Marty McFly, Bill & Ted or The Doctor. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:

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@MarcoBalletta that looks really good! Your lean strafe and backstep look better than what NaLo uses. Have you tried the RE2 First person mod with this?

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Thank you so much !

Nalo can not work yet with WASD games .
This method above instead works will all wasd games.

The method above work only for all those games (vr and not vr and console games through the use of cronusmax) that have wasd support .

We still need nalo for pure vr games though that have no wasd support.

I have not tried this method yet with the 1st person mod because i wanted to show the moving of the avatar with my body movement :slight_smile:

Going to try it soon though .

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Can xb360kinect + driver4vr give also movements in games that only support wasd or do they only work in steamvr ?

If i understood correcrly , xb360kinect and driver4vr are a way to replace the vive trackers in steamvr.

Do xb360kinect + driver4vr offer a way to walk in any pc game and in any console games that do not run in steamvr and to walk in non vr games played in vr using vorpx?

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Not sure tbh. But prior to vr folks were using kinect to remap a variety of games yo movements as I recall. With using voice commands to open menus & such. So I would imagine quite possibly.

But I have not seen any video with a solution to locomotion for walking in place for psvr , ps4, xbox and pc games and also they keep selling seated solutions like the 3Rudder for psvr and pc or the wii balance board for pc

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Do you know if we can use w a s d in place of the vive controller 's touch pad in any vr game played in steamvr?

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Unfortunately I don’t have experience with that. (No controllers & LHes)

Openvr Input emulator from my understanding used to allow this kind of remapping. Not sure if Steam added this functionality since breaking the OpenVR input emulator

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So the steamvr remapping is uselss :frowning:

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Not sure to be honest. Seems at times valve works against it’s idea of being open.

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Yes, the resident evil is very cool and provides an excellent immersion in the gameplay. But now I really liked the game SLR. Here, immersion in the game is much better and everything is much more realistic. Especially pleased that they have constant new updates and delight with new effects!