Distortion fix: vertical placement on face is PARAMOUNT

If things look warbled for you when you turn your head, you can fix that.

But first you need to do this:
Save this image to your desktop.
Open it and zoom in on image until it fills your whole monitor.
Fire up pimax and put on.
Open desktop view and walk up until image of this grid fills your whole vision.
Now go ahead and lift your hmd higher up your nose and lower.
See it?
The horizontal lines on outer left and right?
The bend upwards, and when you raise your hmd more the bend lower.
Those horizontal lines need to be flat all the way horizontally, and when they do, your hmd is on at the proper height.
Nice at proper height, faster your hmd secure.
Notice? A lot less distortion when turning your head. Like, a lot less.
Pimax def needs to tweak the distortion profile because I think the outer parts compress a bit but it’s really an easy fix, but that disheartening distortion is a whooole lot less.

You may want to set this grid as your desktop or something because calibrating the height you need the headset at is really important.



Good tutorial. Self convergence for each HMD!

Could we use this tool to do it?


I agree. Bending does not happen when I have the headset up higher on my cheekbones.


Doesn’t it obstruct a portion from the bottom of the FOV if you move the headset higher ?

No more than other headsets. No headset has been able to give good lower-veritical (what do we call this?) FOV… apparently not even StarVR according to @mixedrealityTV. Does XTAL? I think that’s one of the bigger issues to solve in VR right now.

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What mrtv said was your entire fov was screen minus the tiniest bit left on the bottom by the nose.

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I don’t know but I’m interested.

Can’t we just set this image (or similar) instead of the Pimax logo in PiTool home or whatever it’s called maybe with a description/instruction printed on it?

EDIT: Or as @Pimel suggests below, a calibration/placement/alignment option that puts You into an environment where You can adjust IPD and HMD placement visually?


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Or a HMD placement option in Pitool, together with the IPD setting so you can adjust the headset quickly and well.

If you share the headset with a friend then you need to adjust both settings constantly


Even better… :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

So, people seeing distortion are just wearing the headset wrong?


Sounds like something we’ve heard before… :grin:

There might be some truth to it though as the same thing is seen with the other headsets from time to time.

I wore my Vive wrong for weeks (not continuously though) after getting the DAS until I saw a video on YouTube on correct placement.

Having an option/environment for aligning in PiTool would rule that out.


Woahhh :slight_smile: I was very skeptical of this since I thought i had tried moving around the HMD on my face on all possible directions and angles, BUT after trying some more I found that if I put the HMD much higher on my face than I am used to, the distortion is almost gone!! It’s still there but very minimal like this. The only thing is that wearing it like this feels very unnatural for my face, but maybe I can fix this with some padding.

Anyway, thanks @aesopfabled, my 5k+ has just become so much better, I hadn’t thought this was possible by just wearing the HMD differently.

BTW I used your grid for a while in virtual desktop and indeed noticed that the horizontal lines became much more ‘horizontal’ when moving the HMD up on my face. So I just went back to the steamVR room and watched the middle wooden part of the window behind the apps. Normally it would bend when I’d move left to right but wearing the HMD much higher on my face and it all stays almost perfectly solid.

One thing is that the blurry effect at the sides becomes a bit heavier in ‘wide FoV’, but in normal FoV I barely see it.

For sure, like a LOT less :slight_smile: It’s still there but now very acceptable and doesn’t bother me anymore. Now just need to see how to mod the HMD to make it comfortable for me to wear like this.


Changed the topic title, this topic deserves some attention :slight_smile:


Try this @OlivierJT @spamenigma @NoobstaysNoob @tomohm @RetrospectVR


I’ll give this a try but with mine it feels like it already fits too high on my face and I have to bring it lower to get the focus in the centre.

I’ll see if I can move the foam around a bit for a better fit.

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Yeah same here, it feels unnatural to wear it that high, BUT the distortion is almost gone like that.

But it’s possible you need to change it differently. Try that pic that @aesopfabled posted in virtual desktop and see how you need to wear it to make the horizontal lines really horizontal.


@aesopfabled awesome contributions to Pimax community! :beers:

Maybe the headset (lenses+panels, or lenses atleast) would need some up/down adjustment as well. :thinking:
Are we talking about a few millimeters that makes the difference, or more?


GREAT!! I’m happy to hear that others are able to get the almost distortion free image that I have been seeing all this time by just making a headset adjustment!