Distortion correction plugin

This is pretty awesome, this company developed a dynamic distortion correction plugin. Pimax should contact them! https://www.roadtovr.com/almalence-digital-lens-vr-headset-image-correction/


Forwarded to the relevant team, they will evaluate and handle the rest!

I see they’ve updated their FAQ to say they’ve started working with the Crystal and will try to add support asap. DLVR OpenXR Plugin - VR Headsets Support FAQ


Woah awesome news really looking forward to see what comes out of that. Not so much interested in the crystal but if this works out they’ll try it with the 12k and that’s where it really becomes interesting


You’re not interested because of the FOV? I’m not sure that I’d want the FOV of the 12K, things are hard enough to run on the Crystal even with a 4090. I know foveated rendering could help but not every game does well with it.

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Yeah we definitely need a 5000 series for the 12k. Seems we’ll need to wait 2 more years. But I also don’t see the 12K being released within a year.

Regarding Crystal, yeah mainly the small FoV holding me back. And the weight and size for this small FoV is a bit absurd nowadays. You have one, @evertec ? What’s your take on it?

yeah I got one. Was on the fence about keeping my preorder and in fact almost sent it back when it came with the crappy plastic lenses. But I’m really liking it now, the picture quality is just stunning. My major complaints are the lack of wireless and the difficulty in setting up a roomscale boundary but I’m hoping those are solved soon. Here’s some more detailed thoughts I posted a while back Reddit - Dive into anything


Cool! I’ve always valued your opinion. I don’t think you owned a varjo or did you? Not sure I remember correctly.

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I had the varjo xr2 for a while, which is very similar to the aero if you’re not using the focus screens. I think for gaming, the Crystal is still better, as it has less distortion and better blacks than the varjo


Varjo has made great strides in its distortion correction, it’s much better than it was back then. Agreed on the blacks though, certainly one of the weakest points, together with the FoV.

But all in all I dont see a great upgrade path here from Varjo to Crystal, seems they’re too close.

I’m really interested in the 12K though, although it certainly will be a while before we see that headset.

I just tried an XR3 last month and it still definitely had more noticeable distortion than the Crystal with the glass lenses (not 100% sure they had it on the latest software though). It also was less comfortable and the clarity is a bit better on the Crystal if you don’t use the focus screens (which nothing does except varjo’s demos and self-made apps). I agree it’s not a huge upgrade visually, but for me it’s much better since I travel a lot and use my headset in multiple playspaces so I really don’t like lighthouse setups anymore


Interesing to hear that the distortion on the Crystal is even better. Yet I’m sure they can even make it better with the plug-in. Hoping something will come out of that!


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