Display Week - 2023

What are the odds apple’s headset will be the first with 4k x 4k per eye? Seems kinda like a landmark resolution that marks a shift imo, particularly for the concepts of monitor replacement and productivity.

Isn’t the Pimax 8kX 4k per eye?

Ha, that’s true actually. I guess I should have been more specific, I am talking about small panel size with a typical FOV. I guess we’re talking like 50PPD maybe? That would probably be a more useful metric. 35PPD of the crystal is amazing and there are times where it really has tricked my brain like no other headset I have tried has (Aero was too low on the stereo-overlap for it to get there). But I can still see there’s a way to go. 4k x 4k 1 inch panels with like 95-105 fov is probably a sweet spot in terms of clarity.

Edit: Actually, wait no…it’s not true actually. The 8kx is a 4k panel but it’s more like 2160 per eye, these panels are 4000 per eye. So in current awkward marketing terms based on 2160p being a 4k tv, these would be more like 8k panels. So if you extrapolated that to how headsets market them then we would have a 16k headset lol.

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What! You mean Pimax lied??? Lol

Another great video from Brad. This time wide FOV.

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So 3 companies interested in wide FOV. Somnium Space, VR Engineers and Lynx. All getting together to stop companies like Apple buying them out. But as we all know money talks.

Lenses should be like displays - open to anyone to buy off the shelf like displays.

I mean, seeing something like this seems great.
costly I’m sure, but great. If they can effectively hide any seams in the displays, and can provided decent PPD with great FoV, then yeah, I’d be super interested.

Too bad PIMAX couldn’t do that with the Crystal.

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