Display Tech: Now & upcoming Developments

Fun topic to discuss what is out now & later & what is being developed. Leave your ego & insults at the door.

As others have asked; post links to back your thoughts.

Refresh Rates Explained.


IGZO vs aSi Transisters


Razer Phone Specs HDR Qhd lcd 120hz

Quantum Dot tech cnet article: Future prospect Dot without Lcd.

Best computer Monitors if 2018: Techradar

Rock-Paper-Shotgun best 2018 Comouter Monitors


Oled computer Monitors & more. Good r

Killer Laptop deadly price.

Razer’s interesting triple display laptop

Samsung The Wall Microled coming for consumers


Lcd panel types by Nauticomp

what i still find interesting. I still have a super old but big ass samsung plasma tv. my ex managed to burn score numbers on it years ago with playing tony hawk skater 2 eight hours straight. Took me 2 weeks to run the anti-burn programm to not see it anymore.
But despite being slow and having extreme problems if a steady picture is shown i still like it. It is very gracious with different resultions (720p does look far better than on lcd) of course it can‘t match present 4k displays if footage is 4k as well. The blacks are awesome. And most important of all it seems too „smear“ motions that I notice framewize on other screens. I sometimes even play pc games on it but only simple ones like worms, tekken and mortal kombat. I know that the motion only looks fluid because it kinda „smears“ it together but even it is fake I like it.

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Refresh vs Response time explained.

Lilo finally added something useful. Persistamce test.


New flexible screens. Seems to be perfect for VR?

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Indeed warp the screen would reduce some of tye distortion rendering.

That’s as much as I gathered with large FOV and lenses. Focus of object on angled screens is a big problem when you move your head but keep your eyes locked on the object, but with a curved screen, that specific problem doesn’t exist

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Hey… Maybe there’s a future for Pimax after the 8K after all…

I suspect the future of headsets is with larger fov anyway and depending on the cost of the new curvy displays, even simple straightforward headsets can be made large now.

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Indeed though Microled & Nanoled will give us nicer displays than Organic led tech.

I can see why dell abandoned there oled monitor. Cost of mfgr panels & oled doesn’t like static images so proffessionals that are not gaming or watching movies are likely to end up with screen issues.

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