Display replacement Pimax 4k

My headset Pimax 4k is broken but everything inside is ok on the headset , only lcd is broken.
Could you help me how could I get a spare for it,
I already disassemble the headset and it’s not a problem for me to mount everything on it.
As I see , you used a special low persistence lcd on it?
I replaced already the lcd with another bought from ebay , but I prefer using an original one for eye safety.
Thanks for your help

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Added pokes to your post to pimax team members.

Sorry for your inconvenience, since the price of the lcd screen and round-trip freight are equivalent to a new 4K probably. We suggest that you’d better purchase the new one. Please be advised. Have a nice day!

Is the one you found on eBay working? Does is have better perf?

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It is answers like this that make me very disappointed in how companies make products now. “You need ink for a printer? Cheaper to buy a new printer!”

It makes me not want to buy products.

Its an absurd mentality. Not speaking to Pimax alone, but still.

Think about all the 4Ks that shipped that had broken lenses, dirt on the screen, damaged plastic, etc. You are saying that its cheaper to go through 10 steps than 2?

It may indeed cost the same for LCD replacement as it does for a new HMD, but that is only because of arbitrary business decisions made by huge firns that have made it to be so.

I Still have a tube TV, and a laserdisc player from the 90s, and I can be confident in the fact that I can open up and fix 3/4 of all problems in those devices by replacing base components. The tube TV is from 2001, (tube will be good for 20 more years.)

My laserdisc can have logic boards, sound chips, caps, etc. replaced because a broad range of devices use the same underlying compobents.

We know for a fact that engineering obsolescence is ridiculous, because many of us remember when it wasn’t like that.

Dont be part of engineered obsolescence Pimax Team. Its got short term benefit, but long term cost.


Truth as long as he has the display working. The custom low persistance will be in the software & the shudder glass. Maybe also in the backlighting setup. So in theory he shouldn’t need to be concerned about blue light.

As the shudder glass is a polarized as it is in active shudder glasses & welding helmets.

I would be curious as to what he paid on ebay. This old sharp panel goes for under $100 (last check around $60) to order a replacement for the Sony Xperia 5.

If he has only swapped out the display panel all the clpl should be intact. As this was a software with things like the shudder glass implemented.

Now if they would give us Overclocking the display we might get reduced ghosting.

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