Disappearing objects on the right hand side screen periphery on normal

PiTool version:
Vision width: Normal

In Steam home on initial testing I noticed that objects were disappearing on the right-hand side at the periphery. The culling appears to be overly aggressive and it is immensely distracting and removes any sense of immersion immediately.

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In games you tick parrellel projection in pitool to eliminate this restart stram and pitool after to take effect


I’m also seeing this with parallel projection enabled. It’s very evident in x-plane 11.

You need to restart pitool after it will still happen in steam vr home though

Restart pitool after what? I have parallel projection enabled by default as x-plane is my main VR use. It’s evident even after reboots.

He means restart Pitool and might even have to restart SteamVR after checking PP. Sometime I just deal with the objects appearing if I have a game that demands GPU because checking PP drops FPS