Dirt Rally 2.0 VR Fog & Exposure Fix

Hi All,

For those of you that use DR2.0, this is a great little tweak that allows you to configure the level of visible fog during what should be clear weather on stages such as Finland, Scotland, Wales and Poland.

It also allows you to tweak exposure levels, saturation and behaviour to stop the annoying auto exposure that I have always very much disliked in DR2. The result is more natural lighting and graphics, closer to DR1. Note I reduce the “saturation” setting in the config at night down to 0.9 as the default I find to oversaturate a little, I also disable Bloom in game as I just don’t like it anyway. Ive tested this on a 5k+ myself.

One thing to note - I turn off the optional vegetation alpha tweak which is on by default in the config as it causes weird annoying LOD behaviour for the trees so if you notice this just set the vegetation alpha setting to “0” and it will use default dithering and tree LOD.



awesome , will come back to this when I am in into racing vr games :slight_smile:


confirmed i use this too, even works on multiplayer and in combination with the reshade


Looks great man. Thanks muchly.

Nice find. Thank you

I tried it but only in sunny day its good. If its cloudy, between trees like in Wales, or Finland its too dark.

And another quastion: I found this line “” in hardwarevr settings. Sometimes all I see its stones or leaves on a road. Maybe I should make stones =true? Looks like they are from other world. like they are the only vr objects and everything else is flat.

@AndrewUK1990 @Yata_PL
Where is this vegetation alpha line?

@Culver9 Its in the config file that comes with the mod. Its called dr2vrfix.config. Open it with notepad++ or something and you will see it there. You can change a few things besides just the vegetation anti aliasing such as exposure levels during day or night etc. @Mekis Dont know if you realise this too if you were saying it is a bit dark for you? Also Mekis I dont know what youre refering to above where you found this line “”?

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Yeah, didn’t see that there is no line, sorry. This <objects lod=“1.0” maxlod=“0” stones=“false” /
And in some tracks or day time (its not about this mod) I see stones or leaves on a track and they are super bright, each of them has its own contour and looks very unnatural.

I did some tweaks of dr2vrfix.config file as previous was too dark in some areas like a forest.
Now everything is balanced and sunny :slight_smile:
PT color channels :
red sat 1, bri 0
blue sat 2, bri -2
green sat 2 bri -2
panel backlight 83

in game gamma 0.9

in dr2vrfix.config file:

; Accomodation behaviour settings.
; Game defaults are luminanceMaxRange 1500, luminanceMinRange 600, brightenSpeed 5, darkenSpeed 5
; You can set luminanceMaxRange and luminanceMinRange to same value (ie. 1000) to lock accomodation

; Color toning settings for daytime, when illuminance is illuminanceDay or above
; Game defaults are around gamma 2.0, saturation 0.85, brightness 1.0, paletteWeight 1.0

; Color toning settings for night, when illuminance is illuminanceNight or below
; Game defaults are around gamma 2.0, saturation 0.85, brightness 1.0, paletteWeight 1.0


I have to admit that I really enjoy Dirt Rally 2.0 despite it being a pretty bad sim (I don’t think it even deserves the name sim). It’s got a few classics I just love to drive (I spend 95% of my time in the Alpine a110, the Lancia Stratos, or the 911 SC RS). I hope you drivers have installed the various tweaks out there that give it decent FFB as those make a huge difference.

Just curious if any of the tweaks above fix the need to use PP? I’m running it at a consistent 72hz/fps in Wide FOV at 120%SS, but with one of the very poor AA methods (don’t remember which) it would be nice to be able to add some more SS or use a better AA method, but with PP on I don’t have the performance.

@mr_spongeworthy This doesn’t do anything regarding using PP. That said, you don’t need PP to run DR2 if you can live with some relatively minor (imo) graphical glitches. The main one I have noticed is incorrect and different lighting in each eye on certain distant objects like trees etc. There is also a very small amount of object culling right in the very periphery of vision but it’s very slight - a lot less than most other games that have this issue. With a 5900x and 3090 I can confirm DR2 runs with 4xMSAA, 1.25 pitool and 100% steamVR res, no PP & Normal FOV when using the AMD FSR plugin on ultra mode. Most settings in game are max, I set the AF to x16 in the ini file and have to dial back just a couple of things like crowd and objects or something like that to stop the CPU becoming limiting in certain areas of busy stages like Germany for example.

I also find the physics pretty reasonable for loose surfaces (tarmac is pretty poor though). I actually think it has the best physics of any currently available rally sim, although rally sims just aren’t on a comparable level to circuit racing sims when it comes to physics like RF2, ACC etc. RBR is good for its age, but honestly I don’t personally find it’s any more realistic even with all the current NGP mods and it has its own quirks.

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It is called “Dirt” Rally and for my part I find those surfaces closer to RL. \

As for the force feedback, I prefer my 220 degree Logitech Momo wheel to my 900 degree G920 for DR. I also find 144Hz syncs with the ffb much better.

Never going to feel like my RL car when it comes to the info sent to my body but the landings are quite acceptable and the driving is a close enough approximation as to be fully enjoyable.

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You need to try one of this rigs :). THE MADNESS HAS ARRIVED OR A SIMRACER DREAM BECOMES REALITY | DIRT Rally with Full Motion Simulator - YouTube

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Looks nice. The movement seems very good based on what is going on, on the screen. Kind of thing I’d delve in to if I only did racing.

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