Dirt Rally 2.0 - ver. 1.8 with Greece DLC + 2 dof motion

Hi Guys, sharing my Pimax 5k setup and short gameplay here:

(high res, 72 hz /fps , normal FOV , stable @all tracks)


What 2dof platform are you using ?

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heavily modified prosimu, the frame was cuted by me, enlarged to fit a massage chair :slight_smile: that has also been modified https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bQQuGfpXzso


Man that looks fun. I need to get my sh*it sorted :slight_smile: Waiting for this Pimax announcement to choose an headset for DR2!


Get motion or atleast some vibs. But if you have it both you can feel more realistic suspension

I was searching for good graphics settings. Is this om 2080ti?

yes (20 characters"…)

I got my new massage chair which so cozy , I am happy with it.

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They realsed new update :slight_smile:
Version 1.9

October 1, 2019


  • Added files for Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi in preparation of DLC release on October 8th.
  • Added files for Peugeot 206 Rally in preparation of DLC release on October 22nd.
  • Added files for Volkswagen Golf Kitcar in preparation of DLC release on October 22nd.


  • New feature: Broadcast Mode (Beta). Players can now spectate others in Multiplayer Lobbies.
  • New camera angle: “Dashboard”


  • Added “Launch DiRT Rally 2.0 in Oculus VR Mode” command to Steam version.*
  • Adjusted default Chaperone setup by forcing Seated Mode.
  • Improved readability of various UI elements.
  • Made various improvements to reduce stutter during head movement.


  • Resolved multiple triggers relating to audio cutting out mid-Stage.
  • Resolved issue where turbo blow-off sounds were not playing when players released the throttle.


  • Added “Handbrake Deadzone” and “Handbrake Saturation” options to Advanced Input Settings.

Need to double check that - meybe we can gain some fps in that mode.
What do you think @Andrew1990

To use Dirt Rally 2.0 in oculus mode (finally got it), you have to create a steam_appid.txt in the root folder of the game with 690790/othervr into (that avoid steam to add -novr option at launch) and you can create a shortcut with the content “C:\Program Files\Pimax\Plugin\OCSupport\OVR_Launcher_x64.exe” P:\ath to your steam games folder\DiRT Rally 2.0\dirtrally2.exe -useoculussdk
The gamma setting is very high in oculus mode, so you need to adjust it


have you gain some fps or quality in Oculus mode?

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Hey guys
I figured out some good settings to enjoy this with the 8k+ but looks like since the last patch I cant record gameplay, everything is slow FPS, SteamVR view or just onscreen game.
The game run good but only in the headset, cannot record gameplay :frowning:
Anyone aware of this and know how to fix this?

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