DiRT Rally 2.0 - Show you want VR support by signing this petition

Codemasters apparently needs to see more demand for it. It looks like if anything, support will come post-launch.
If every Pimax backer signed this it would help a lot. I’m assuming a good chunk of us are simracers, although DiRT can feel pretty arcade-like. Sign it! Even if you have a super small interest, or just to help support games ported to VR (especially when version 1.0 already had it).

Posting my text from my /r/Vive thread:

I didn’t make the petition, I just saw it wasn’t posted here. Codemasters apparently doesn’t think we’re asking for it enough, even though it’s obvious.

I know a lot of people here were against trying DiRT Rally 1.0 since you’d have to use Revive, Oculus Home, etc, but it’s one of my favorite VR games. Definitely worth the hassle. I tried a bunch of simracing demos with a Steam controller in Gyro mode and nothing really made me say “WOW” until I tried DiRT Rally. Going sideways on a dirt/gravel road is so fun! I then grabbed a steering wheel, and got into simracing on tracks. I think DiRT is like taming a beast(the car), while track racing is more like the track taming you. DiRT is more arcade-like, even though it’s a “sim,” because you can enter a turn badly, but fix it on the way out. With track racing, if you enter a turn badly, it’s tough to adjust. DiRT’s just more fun.

Sign the petition if you think you’d at least try DiRT Rally 2.0 in VR, as long as it has OpenVR support. Maybe Codemasters is just waiting for OpenXR to come around so they don’t have to worry about all of the different SDKs. Who knows.


Oh, i just replied you this in the other thread :grin:
Haven’t seen your topic, i already signed of course.
The petition is already above 1000 :+1:

Yay someone replied! haha. I actually posted the petition on the Vive and PSVR subreddits and got hundreds of responses. That alone made the signatures grow pretty fast. Looks like over 1200 now.

Not into racing sims, but I signed. Can’t hurt to have more VR games out there…

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Cool! I was never into simracing either, until I tried DiRT Rally in VR. I would never play on a monitor unless it was 3rd person with a controller, because without VR it’s hard to “feel” the car. DiRT Rally has an arcade feel to it, because the feeling of sliding around a corner is so much cooler than trying to keep your car grounded while turning at the correct angle like track racing. With DiRT, if you turn in too early/late, you just slide the car or use the throttle a bit more/less and you’re fine. That feeling alone is so rewarding. VR has made me look into other genres of gaming I didn’t care for. I kinda like everything now, as long as it’s VR!

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