DiRT Rally 2.0 is getting (Oculus) VR support!

Seems to be an Oculus exclusive but who cares! We’ll be able to play it anyway! @SweViver hopefully this makes your day. https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/1093872075318558722?s=19


Awsome news. Thanks to sim racing YT-bers…

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I’m hoping to get something like 90% achievements before I play 2.0 in VR. I preordered the 2.0 deluxe edition the day they announced VR… might be tempted to play on a controller in 3rd person… using a wheel is tough without VR(no depth, less “feel” of the car, sense of speed).

Just in Case anbody is looking for it, I found this the best and fastest approach to get the Steam Dirt into the PiMax via SteamVR