Dirt Rally 2.0 and Dirt Rally in VR Live Stream (Replay) on 8k

Hi guys,
I finally got my hands on Dirt Rally 2.0 (On sales on Steam until the second of January

) and tried it during a Live Stream:

I also made another quick one with Dirt Rally since I figured out I was able to record/stream it by SteamVR mirror to see how it feel right after the 2.0.

There is also my previous test of Dirt Rally (with english subtitles) I made a few months ago :

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Nice shots!!!

A question, it´s possible to watch DR 2.0 replays at the end of a course in 3d like in DR 1?, I can´t find how.

Thanks a lot.


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Thank you :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I couldnt find how to either :frowning:
Some people talk about a beta spectator mode in VR but I dont know where they find that, there are no beta available on Steam.
Sadly only 2d theater replays for now :frowning:

Thanks for sharing lud

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Thanks for watching Florijn :grinning:

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