Dirt Rally 1 VR install guide

Long story short.
A couple of years ago I bought my Pimax 4k headset for the sole purpose of racing games.

Dirt Rally 1 specifically.

Dirt Rally 1 was complicated to make it work under Pimax back in the days and literally took me hours to make it work.
You had to install revive and some oculus software and it took lots of frustration before I was able to boot it up in VR on the Pimax headset. Once properly installed it worked perfectly fine though.

Now today years later I finally reformatted and made a fresh install of Windows 10.
Everything is changed with revive gone? and i need a step to step guide on making it work again.

  1. I installed latest driver PiTool at the date of 10/10/2020 v1.0.1.263
  2. I installed steam
  3. I installed steamvr
  4. I activated Vive only game compatibility in the pi tool
  5. I installed Skyrim VR as test. This game work perfect in VR without changing anything.
  6. I installed Dirt Rally 1 and I can’t get it to run in VR

I tried importing Dirt rally in the Pitool games list and start it up from there.
I tried starting it in the standard steam list
I tried starting it in the VR steam list
I tried starting itand in steam VR with the headset browsing in VR
I added -vr
I clicked the button start dirt rally in vr

It just boots up in 2D on my monitor instead of the Pimax headset.

Is there an upto date guide for this game?

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I bought dirt rally 2 for my 5k+, which is an easy install, I didn’t buy dirt rally 1 because I already have it on PSVR, but I didn’t know it was such a pain in the a** on PCVR

just one point :

did you try the 264?

Also, I don’t know what the menu looks like for dirt rally 1 on PCVR, but on ps4/psvr, the vr is part of the menu, inside the game that I must start in 2D in the first place.
I mean I must go somewhere in the game menu to trigger the VR

Dirt rally 2 works natively on Pimax.

It’s just Dirt Rally 1 specifically that always was a mess to install to begin with.
All I remember is that I had to install revive and oculus home and tinker with it just to get it to work and when it did, it was just out of sheer luck just trying everything.

Everything else just works natively without any additional steps or additional software.

Last I ran DR 1 was last spring using the Oculus ID hack. Once CM got DR2 running right, I deleted DR1. DR2 has superior physics and FFB.
DR3 is in the works, so DR2 is often on sale.
It was “Dirt” cheap :grinning: on Steam over the week-end.


This is what I used:

That said, DR2 does everything better… :wink:


Yes, I remember that I had to do these things in the pastl. I’ll give it a shot tonight.
If it doesn’t work, then I guess I’ll just jump to Dirt Rally 2.

It’s just that I found Dirt Rally 1 an awesome game.


And it was for me as well.

I spent years in Richard Burns rally until DR1 came along and ate it for breakfast.
When DR2 came out it ran poorly and I felt DR1 was better (especially on dry dirt). What I had not considered was that the poor performance in DR2 was affecting the FFB translation. Once the sim was brought to where the framerate was consistent the FFB could then keep in sync and the superior physics began to show itself. Especially in terms of wet, mud and snow.
What DR1 is to RBR, DR2 is to DR1 in improvement. Hope Codemasters can do the same with DR3 :beer:

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