Differences of 8KX v 2075 vs 2076

I know it’s old stuff, but I am wondering if anyone knows what are the differences between 8KX versions 2075 vs 2076? Are there any differences in color reproduction?


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8kX 2075 & older

  • 90hz Native res max
  • AMD GPU, Nvidia 10series and some laptops compatible.
  • iirc upscale 114hz?
  • Some have a 1.2k him with DMAS & SMAS

8kX 2076

  • Newer Screens
  • 90hz Native with possible 120hz native experimental(never meant to be full feature)
  • Attempts to improve DMAS Audio but hit & miss.
  • Nvidia RTX Desktop Compatible only.

I did at one time start a topic on Pimax models in a chart.

Found it

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Thank you. Any idea on “newer screens” vs 2075 screens, what’s the difference?

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I don’t know anything concrete.

But it would seem the displays have maybe better stability and likely color improvements.

I have not experienced the newer model.

Maybe @PimaxQuorra & @PimaxUSA might be able to supply some details.

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I have both a 2075 and 2076 head sets and the 2076 appears to have panels with lower image persistance. I recently tested the 2076 to make sure it works before selling it and that was really the only difference I noticed between the two headsets. BTW if your interested the 2076 is quite literally brand new as I had to borrow a 3000 series gpu from a friend to test it before offering it for sale on several forums and it’s still available.


Thanks. What about the colors between 2075 and 2076?

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Color saturation does appear to be slightly better on the 2076 but it may be more a result of the lower persistence mentioned earlier. I’m no expert in this matter these are merely my thoughts upon my short term observations.