Did your DMAS arrive in good shape? Mine didn't!

Been through countless nights waiting for my 100$ paid DMAS kit to arrive, My wish finally came true today.

What a nice and strong outer carton packaging. air wrapped inner-protection, there is no damage on packaging at all.

Question is… How the hell is that possible for my DMAS has one of metal cup cover crushed inside?

It doesn’t look so terrible damage and it is still working nicely ( I have to mention that sound quality is nice) however, what I got is not a free-backer reward, I had paid over 100$ to have top-notch sound accessory for my 8kx.

I deserve to have better quality… I mean undamaged product at least.

One more thing to add. One of my friend also got his DMAS today. His DMAS has similar damage on same spot. Difference is that it has much more seriously crushed metal cover. Sigh…


Sorry to hear that - if it was me I would do this:

Take pictures, create a ticket and make an RMA claim.


Actually, a friend of mind already tried as you proposed. Result was … sigh… a reason why I created this post.


Well I haven’t recieved mine yet, it has been lost in the mail… it entered my country 15th of october, but the Danish postal service has misplaced / lost the package.
So I have created a ticket 9 days ago, for them to re-send a new DMAS, but to this date they have not yet sent a new one. They have asked me several times over an over to send proof from the postal service that the package is lost. Even though I had done it 3 times, untill finally they accepted it today. (the communication was one email per day, from their side)

So my experience with the customer service is not only …sigh … it’s it thought they had gotten better, I expected them to seeing so many other people had experieced that they had improved vastly, but unfortunately in my case… No ! :rofl: :partying_face:


Can you poat pictures for @PimaxQuorra and file a ticket.

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Your friend was denied?


Please post some pics of the damage. Anything can happen when in the logistics network.

My DMAS was OK, but the box was seriously beat up and partially crushed. Luckily, the DMAS works fine and was not dented.

Can you PM me your Ticket number ? I 'll take a look for you

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Ohh sorry to hear about that ;
Please give me the ticket of you and your friend ,I 'll take a look and urge the progress of the CS team

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Never mind. Just do more intensive QA assurance check before DMAS and any other PIMAX products before shipping in the future.

I’d better not say. That’s the least favor I can do for Pimax.

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I don’t think the damage is from transportation. It’s obviously from Production assembling in China. It is made of pretty strong metallic material.


Wow. Among production, assembly and transportation efforts these days it seems we have some “Gorillas In The Mist”. :grinning:


Mine have just arrived and physically both earcups look allright eventhough the carboard box was a bit squashed. I will soon check it’s audio qualities.

The only problem I encountered was with the post as it declared the whole 8KX + base stations & controllers invoice all over again expecting me to pay roughly 450 USD customs on the DMAS package! Despite me describing the whole situation and sending documents and declared value on package 0.01USD. So I will had to ask the customs office to fix the numbers and return me my money. I hope it won’t take months :frowning:


So I had the issue with high pitch whine, but loosing the two audio connectors from strap to headset (pulled in and out to find best position), I was able to eliminate the noise while retaining the sound.

However it seems that the left and right channel are fed to both speakers so I have no spatial differentiation. :weary:


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