Did the 8KX price increase by $200?

Or is it $1299 if ordered in the USA and €1299 if ordered in Europe to cover the extra warranty?

Also @PimaxQuorra can you ask if Pimax would consider investigating whether or not layered displays to increase PPI as a feature for future Pimax headsets? - similar to how Samsung made with Harvard or how Varjo makes their displays?

its always been 1299$ actually it might have gone down 100$

EU with VAT maybe?


The price is $1299 if ordered in USA, we will check with the team on the EU price.
As you can read on the picture, the tax is included for certain regions.
But we have to double check on the pricing for EU.

This is a great topic tho, gonna forward this message to the engineer team.


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Yes sir, the price on EU site is including with VAT and shipping fee.


“Euro/JPY/RMB Price list_tax-inclusive”
Means all TAXES (Custom duty and so on included) or just the VAT?
I’m asking because Custom taxes in Italy means more than other 350/400$ to be add


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