Did pimax build the forum emoji list?

Who built the emoji list? If it was Pimax why did they include “:fu:” I mean I wouldn’t mind dropping a few bombs now and then! But fear being flagged and banned. I’m sure many would love to use it as well. Well I created this thread just so I could. So feel free as far as I’m concerned. Just consider it a friendly jester stating that your #1. So thanks for being part of the community and don’t forget to drop a friendly :fu: the next time you have a chance! :shushing_face::fu::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and remember “your #1 in my book” :laughing:

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Pimax are using Discourse as their Forum Framework. the Emoj’s are the standard ones that come with Discourse.

They can modify the Emoji packs or use different packs, but it appears to be the default #1 pack they are using.



Would have expected a bit of response on this one but I guess I scared(flipped) everyone off. :smile:

Did my reply not answer your question?.. You only asked who built the emoji in the forum?

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