Did not receive my basestations with my 8kx?

are they supposed to come separate or what?

You should make a video for them

I made a ticket but what do you mean video

They don’t understand English so a video that shows the problem is what they are most happy with.

Don’t try to understand it further

The basestations are supposed to come separate. If you backed one of the KS headsets AND didn’t use Upgrade Plans A-D, then you should expect it to come in the Backer Box. If those don’t apply, then they will be shipped by themselves.


Opening a support ticket is probably your best option in this case. If there are excessive delays or confusion when dealing with support, then feel free to create a topic here (listing your ticket number) and ping PimaxQuorra.

You don’t need to send a video for this type of request. It probably wouldn’t help and might even add extra confusion/delays. @Pimel is just a bit salty from a frustrating customer service issue he is dealing with and, unfortunately, is venting his frustrations on other users’ topics.

Please try not to confuse people that are requesting assistance. If you are going to contribute ideas/opinions, then please make sure they are relevant to the topic and provide your reasoning.

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