Did i miss a update about the pimax artisan housings?Will they get better housings after the cracking?

Hello there,

I am trying to find any info on the pimax artisan housing and there problems.
Is there any news yet?



I am also anxiously awaiting news on the Artisan. I am a potential customer, is that something you guys are interested in finding?



Okay, so i just read the official announcement. I think you guys are missing a window here. the 8Kx is going to be a much more niche market than what the Artisan has the potential to be. Likely a competitor is going to show up sooner rather than later (like maybe if the index actually comes back in stock). So I suppose i will stop holding out hope to be a pimax customer. I have no interest in a 1200 dollar headset that needs a next gen gpu to really shine. Thank you for the update, and my heart goes out to all those affected by this horrible virus.

No, they really shouldn’t prioritise a new HMD over one that they have already been paid for by 100’s of people, 400 of which paid for well over 2 years ago… :smiley:

For Artisan I personally think they seriously need to rethink housing choice ‘fast’ !! and also include a MAS (or discounted MAS bundle) with the Artisan to properly compete. But since they have a good few thousand MAS to make and ship to backers etc… I understand why that’s not yet feasible to include.

So I get your sentiment, but they are still on the back foot developing all the bits they promised and sold so far.


artisan needs to be improved, otherwise he will bury pimax …

the artisan should receive a high-quality case, MAS, a comfortable face mask. even though it will be a more expensive device, but it will make a good reputation for pimax.

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Might as well add 4k screens

Oh but that’s a 8k+ or 8kx…:rofl:

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4k displays are an excess, all major players keep up with computer hardware and if some major player released HMD where FOV 140-170 then pimax would be left without customers.

Just read the update. I just wish whoever it is in senior management would stop ignoring the improved processes they have taken the time to get right, in favour of a useless short term decision that is now biting them yet again.

The company as a whole may be learning from past mistakes, but it seems that some of the decision makers are not.

If they used reinforced plastic ( ABS fiber-reinforced plastic) and not just cheep plastic they would never of had the problem in the first place.



Look at the update here!

Actually a super fair deal for anyone who has issues with the housing !


I thought for a long time what to choose … return money or exchange a helmet and I came to the conclusion that I will change the helmet and I will stay with Pimax :metal:


Good choice!
I would also prefer a new HMD without cracks!

But the other offer is also really tempting !

ok, let’s say the choice is to return the money and what would you buy?

For the money the valve index…
Far better build quality en superb sound…


it is out of stock. It is not officially sold in my country.

I dont think this is for the Aliexpress ones, only for the Pimax website purchased ones.
I asked about this anyways…since I want another one I could just accept to get another one lol.:roll_eyes:.

to return the money you need to go to where you bought …image

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