Did get my 8K-X today

Package is great as other said, quality off headset feels good.
MAS ok but not as good as the MAS I tested in Amsterdam, that the hinges move in/out is not that good, it makes the headset feel wobbly.
Audio is not audio for premium headset, for Quest or maybe Artisan it would been ok but not 8K-X.
Image quality is super great and damn am impressed with Valve and HL-A run stable 75hz with SS at 1 and Pitool at 1 with a 1080ti, 4790k, 16GB.
IPD there I cant say I have much off a problem.
One problem I have is I cant use the eye-tracking, my glases will be pressing against the eye-tracking, there is about 2mm space now.


i dont understand are you sad?

What’s you IPD?

I think he meant:
“Package is great as others have said, quality of the headset feels good.”


Am wordblind and then trying to spell in a other langush is a pain, cant spell in Swedish so :slight_smile:

My IPD is 65, 33-32.


I’m pleased it’s here and your happy. Does the HL glove look anywhere near as good as Sebastian’s G2 footage? Im really hoping it does!!!


Yes. Alyx’s gloves look great in my 8XK. I can’t do a true comparison with the G2, since I don’t own one, but the gloves look so good my brain accepts them as “real”.


Did not specifically look as much at the gloves but everything simple looks better then my 5k+, the cute scenes in Starwars Squadron looks better in headset then on my Asus MG278Q monitor.

Also noticed when I pushed down the back even more so its like almost under the head at the back it made it more stable and took away pressure on your face.

Ps sad (correct this time) news is my old base-stations 1 is starting to mess more and more with me so had to order BS v2.


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