Diagnose runs every time Pimax Experience starts

This topic was raised before at:
It was never resolved and the general conclusion was that Experince should not be used. Can this startup every time be stopped?

Can we have an answer please because 1. it is very irritating and 2. there are suggestions that it is doing more than ‘Diagnose’ if you get what I mean.

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From my observation with the new PiTool version, Diagnose is run:

  1. When PiTool starts in order to start PiServiceLauncher.exe service.
  2. When PiTool quits to stop the aforementioned service.

This seems to be a design change from the previous PiTool (Pimax software runtime) where the service was run at the computer startup and run indefinitely until shut-down or manual stop. I guess Pimax changed that because the running service had caused other problems (OS locking, etc.), but having everytime the Diagnose showing up is not very user friendly either.

I imagine that when you let PiTool start at the computer startup, this will happen just once and then you have the service running all the time as in the old days.


I agree. It is annoying to have that behave the way it does. I am not sure why Pimax made this change either, nor what else it really does (besides launching the service).
All I can confirm is that it has nothing to do with the Pimax VR Experience app.



We gonna raised this problem to the Pitool team, and try to remove this design on the next Pitool version.


Thank you.

Could you also explain or ask why, when I run say DCS and then exit the game the Pimex experience closes and to re-run DCS or other VR application I have to restart Experience which means going through the process of closing SteamVR which often restarts Experience although for some reason it doesn’t always do that and I find I have to start/restart Pitool first. I suppose what I am asking is can we have a clean startup and a manual closing of Experience, not controlled by exiting applications. And while I’m at it, I can’t import MSFS2020 to Pitool. Someone suggested importing a .bat file calling up MSFS2020 with the ‘faststart’ parameter and which I have created and I’m sure used to be importable but it no longer is because Pitool will only look to import a .exe file. How do I import MSFS to Pitool?

Well, if you’re going to talk to them you may as well hit them with the lot :slight_smile: