DFR, eye tracking and DCS

Hi again. Apologies for the multiple threads.

I can’t get DFR to work in DCS.

Ive updated pimax play and the firmware and pimax XR control centte. Run the calibration, enabled eye tracking and maximum DFR. I’ve installed Quadvews companion app and applied ‘High end system’.

No change in FPS and it doesn’t seem to me like DFR is working in game.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


Nevermind, figured it out - hadn’t downloaded Quadviews foveated. Works well!

So which settings take precedence? QV companion settings or pimax play DFR setting (off/minimum/balanced/max)?

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Pimax Play FR settings have no effect on OpenXR applications.

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How do you activate quad views?

Guide for DCS here: