Determine Dominant eye

With a second person as an observer, extend your arm and form a circle with thumb and index finger.
With both eyes open, look through the circle at the observers nose. What eye he sees is your dominant eye.


There’s an easier way: Line your thumb up with an object in the room. Use both eyes. Then close one eye and then the other. When the object you’re thumb is lined up with MOVES when your eye closes, that’s your dominant eye. In my case, when I close my left eye, my thumb seems to jump to the left.
Left eye dominant.


If I look at my thumb, I see two objects, not one, in the background.

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I think you’re trying to focus on both your thumb and the distant object at the same time. Focus on your thumb and getting its image clear; then close each eye separately and see which way the object behind your thumb seems to move. With your dominant eye closed, the object will jump. With the other eye closed it will seem to stay in place. With both eyes closed, you no longer have a problem! :slight_smile:


Yeah, but if I see two objects behind my thumb, which one should I place my thumb on? Obviously depending on which of the two I choose the experiment leads to the inverse result

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If you were seeing two objects in the background, then there’s some kind of problem with your vision. You should be able to focus on your thumb and allow the object in the background to become a blur. It should not be a doubled image.
I think you may need to see an optometrist.

The method I recommended is taught when learning instinctive shooting. It is required to determine stock weld for weapon holding.

Wrong you are right eye dominant.

If you close your eye and your thumb moves, then that eye is the weaker eye.
If you close your eye and your thumb remains where it is, then that is the stronger, dominant eye!

It’s called the dominant eye cos that eye is stronger and so you brain uses more information from that eye. So if your thumb remains where it it when you close one eye, the open eye is the eye that is being more.

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wait until your concussion is gone or you are sober again


LOL, I know that some people can’ t see images out of focus in pairs, their brain always shows just one image, these people can’ t see stereograms correctly.


great! you don’t even need an observer.
Do the first half of your technique, trying to aim a small object so that it gets inside the circle.
close one eye. if the object is still inside the circle, the open eye is your dominant eye.
if it is not in the circle anymore, your dominant eye is the closed one.
thanks for this technique.

yeah, i’ve never seen anything in these pictures, the picuture above has some kind of horizontal repeating pattern in the color but beside this, there is nothing

I can see a 3D torus, or a donut, as quickly as I can change the point of focus between my finger and a tree outside the window, but it’s impossible for me to perform the task described in this thread, because if I look at the circle with my fingers I see two objects in the background, if I look at the object in the background I see two circles with my fingers

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I’m with you. And I also can’t see stereograms. :man_shrugging:

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with slight strabismus and resulting stereo blindness its kind of normal to not see anything in these pictures
i guess that’s also the reason why distortion effects of the pimax lenses in the stereo overlap area near the lens edge effect me more the others (objects get compressed and uncompressed and as the lens is round they also get bend vertically because in the middle of a vertical object the effect starts earlier), most don’t seem to bother or even recognize/mention that (and i wonder why, shouldn’t the brain have complains about both eyes delivering a different image)
the added stereoscopic effect of a vr headset is of no effect for me, it still looks the same and realistic as a computer monitor (for a long time it was in my favor as a virtual world on a flat monitor looked the same as IRL with just less realistic graphics)

A long-standing request to Pimax is to introduce monoscopic mode. Even for those who don’t have problems with stereoscopy, performance would double and stereo disparity problems would disappear (e.g. Elite Dangerous in asteroids). Stereoscopic 3D is very pleasant, but it’s not the only way to feel a scene as real. If I close one eye the world doesn’t feel unrealistic to me, and in some cases I would use a monoscopic mode.

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