Delivery or do Pimax work against the Law?

I ordered a 5k + in November when they changed their website. At this time was on the website in stock, delivery time 10-14 days.(Nothing with preorder was written @ the website ) That’s why I ordered. In my requests to the support I have repeatedly asked you to either send my 5k + with the first Preoder or give me my money back. They did not do both in spite of repeated requests. Once you open your support in Europe, I’m with the lawyer,
if you do not reply, do not send me my goods or give my money back. P121942 November 08, 2018. Please only answer from Pimax, no answers from Backers waiting for their items, that’s not a topic here.

Pre orders were stated to be shipoed after backers. Well stated.

I am sure if your pre order not shipped yet you can get a refund.

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Calm the fk down dude.


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Well you knew what you were ordering, so you should have known that the units were not ready for shipping even for backers in Nov, and that any orders were pre-orders.


yea, bakers (lol) are a topic here bud…we bakers/s were the first to make your headset delivery possible and to learn how to make an amazing strawberry cake on top of that, so yea.


the kettle talking to the pot lol

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Problem here is that he DIDN’T know what he was doing. He stated himself, he came across a website offering a (non-pre order) product in stock that is delivered in 10-14 days. He was lied to, and that will absolutely hold up in court.


complete bullshit cause if u go to the shop and you buy something in stock delivery in 10-14 Days. No Customer have to look for other people . I heared from Pimax i go to to the shop. buy items and pay thats it. it is not my false that these Guys launched a false webside. I told them if they do not sent my items with the first pre order (second chance)or to give my my money back … thats it. In every post from a Customer the Backers are spamming

That’s an assumption based on what he said is the entire story and truth. I also wonder about two things… Pimax doesn’t take cash so why can’t he simply go to the credit card company or paypal and get his money and secondly, what court system can enforce some law against a Chinese Ecommerce site if they’re not in China?


The different is a Backer Knows that there is no product and he have to wait.
But i im a customer and i don t know anything form bakers.
I buy Items written at Website on stock. That is the Point.

I personally never saw in Pimax’s website that they promised delivery of any of their headsets in 10-14 days. Was it Pimax’s website or some other retailer’s website? And again, if you have a valid reason that a purchase with a credit card or paypal was fraudulent as you claim, you can go to those payment services and request a refund. What gets me with your comment is the part where you say…

It doesn’t work that way!


But on that site. As we know tge pimax site had a pre order countdown before first round went live on the pimax site. So unless he saw a transition page when they were setting up the page not sure where he was.

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And so did all pre orders. Not sure how or where you went that said otherwise.

I have Elevated your concern & a team member when on should be in touch.

i can return my money… first u have to try to talk to the company then you can return your money …
that is not the problem.
there is no Response form pimax so it takes more Time to return the money. Is it on the Way and and so on…
Here in Europe it is against the Law what they are doing… (like countdown timer in orders).
And again i am not a Backer. I have nothing to do with a preorder i bogt cause it was written on Stock.
Pimax made a lot of mistakes. And they do not answer to support ticets that is not Customer friendy.
If you go to the shop there is nothing written with “preorder”. in Europe every curts is on my site. cause in my order is nothing written from pre orders

I agree with this completely, although I assume that someone talking about lawyering up isn’t stupid enough to commit perjury before anything even begins lol.

My statement is that IF a customer came to this site, and saw exactly what OP described, then there is a problem. I personally remember seeing Pre-Order flags all over the place, so I can’t vouch for this guy.

Worldwide website counrdown was originally for pre orders to open.

A) Your pre Order has shippied & will be received Soon
B) When Team is on 1am in china. So prob 12hrs you can have your Pre Order Canceled & refunded if it hasn’t been shipped & that’s what you want.

At my order Time there was a webside online with this produckt data.
Screen CLPL(Customized low persistence liquid)

Resolution 2* 2560*1440,7.5Million pixels in total

MTP <15ms

GPU NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 and AMD® equivalent or above

In stock! Usually ships within 24 hours.
The countdown for preoders was on later versions @ the webside

I can’t say I’ve seen what he saw. I agree with you. Everytime I’ve been on the Pimax site, it seems pretty clear. I remember just seeing the 80 day wait period…so personally, I want to say this guy should’ve read the web page more before putting CC info in…but if he is NOT lying, then I agree there is a huge problem.

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