Delivery of the my 8KX (received and unboxing)

@PimaxQuorra, 3 days ago, you promised to update the shipping progress of my 8KX.
A month has already passed since the problem was discovered.

At the moment, I don’t see any help from any of the Pimax staff.
@PimaxUsa. what can you say about my 8KX?

I don’t know who else to turn to.

@SweViver, we still can’t get my 8KX. Please help if you can, although I know that you are very busy with PiTool and thank you for that :beers:

Dear Robin Weng, please check the delivery of my 8KX, which you promised to send us before the end of September. The end of October is already approaching, in November it will be a year as we wait.

@PimaxVR, @nordic , @PimaxUsa, @PimaxQuorra, @Doman.Chen, @Asales



@PimaxQuorra answered me in PM and helped with my 8KX. Hope I get it soon. Very grateful!

The Pimax team is still approving direct delivery to Russia. Hopefully this will be done soon so everyone can get their 8KX as soon as possible.

Thanks! :beers:


I received the track number to email almost immediately, but for some reason, Fedex tracking shows it as canceled by the sender:

I don’t know if this is normal. Maybe someone had a similar experience. I need to get a new tracking number from Pimax now? :roll_eyes:
I have never contacted Fedex before… Maybe this is a normal status at the beginning of the journey?

@PimaxQuorra, could you please clarify this with the delivery service?

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Today I received a new shipping track number from Pimax Amazon :boom:

Tomorrow my 8KX will be delivered to my address in the USA and from there it will be sent home to Russia.

If I knew that delivery to Russia would be so much delayed, I would have used this method for a long time.
But nobody knew that, PimaxQuorra tried very hard, it was difficult for him.
He helped me a lot, for which I am grateful to him.

Pimax should give the @PimaxQuorra award for awesome work and patience :beers: :sunglasses::+1:

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Congratulations and hope you enjoy your 8kX

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I still can’t believe it :grin:
Hope the wait was worth it :yum:

I received my 8KX today :pimax_logo_png:
Well, I would also like to note right away that the cable is not 5m, as they used to say, but 4m long.

So far, I can only say that I’m impressed by the clarity and lack of SDE. The rest takes time to test.
A couple of shots through the lens:

It looks incredibly clear in native 4K. In Upscale mode, it is much less clear, reminds me very much of the Oculus Quest 2.
For a week now I have tested Quest2, I really liked it in terms of clarity and SDE.
But 8KX just surpassed all expectations in this regard, and outpaced Quest2 without really straining (but in upscale mode, I would say that they are very similar).

When I’m ready to review, I’ll open a new topic :hugs:

@PimaxQuorra everything is great, thanks for the help :beer:

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