Delays might not be a bad thing. Speaking of Hardware Launches

Recently looked at Ouya and Stadia for the memes again.

But on a more serious note. Pimax PLEASE have a ‘close to perfect’ launch as you can.

Here is my advice from the most average of average consumer who bought lots of Tech Day 1.

Have good Quality Assurance/Control. I think the 8K+ already ‘launched’ in China but since I don’t really visit Chinese forums regarding VR I can’t tell what the impressions are. This will be more important in the Western Market. Likely one of your units will end up in the hands of a professional reviewer or big channel maybe.

Control your own narrative. Make sure to get a few units that you have personally tested and made sure it’s absolute 100% working condition to at least one other independent reviewer. Pimax has screwed up on this so many times it’s almost unbelievable.

End of the day I really hope we don’t repeat the ‘housing cracks’, lens defects and other crazy bad things that have happened to many of the backer’s headsets including my 5K+ loaner.

As long as that doesn’t happen. Pimax as a company will have a better chance of survival.


About the housing crack, I made a video of the damage test for new materials, which I will share with you as soon as possible.


Delays might not be a bad thing? It’s not about the reason for the delays. It’s the always way too optimistic time schedule communication that bothers everyone.

Just say launch is April and then try internally to get to March or sooner but don’t say Januari and then delay to March (and then probably April)


This is the first time for me to make a video, and please understand it. I will shoot more in the future.


Nice effort on the video, Matthew!
But it looks more like a little demo than a test, we need a close-up after inspection. Otherwise this doesn’t really prove anything. Also, the hits seem really aimed at certain spots, could be the strongest spots, hard to tell.

I would like to see it dropped on the table a bunch of times, would that be possible?


The plastic seems more robust than in the ks units. The question is has the deterioration/ cracking with time solved.

This is the original drop test:


OK, thank you for your advice. I will re-made the video tomorrow.


I think you should test the rude behavior of air cargo
Because they do n’t necessarily treat every shipment kindly (please Try throwing, this is the way I most often see them treat the goods)


I believe that cracking from abuse was never a problem. Cracking from material defects and/or regular use was.

If they put the “rubber” on top to mask it, you will never find out this way.


Try the same test on the old Pimax 5K+ Housing and make a video

to see if the test has sense or not

If on the old housing we have damage and on the new housing there are not damage

Then Pimax have made a good work.and new housing is impact resistant

but i believe the issue of kracks is for a combination of

  1. usura for heat
  2. wrong internal point of pressure of electronics

@Matthew please put photos of ventS on old/new housing


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True, but as long as the cracks are just that, the rubber would actually solve the problem enough. Not perfect but acceptable

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Wow they should make tanks out of that stuff!!
Thank you Mathew :+1::grinning:


Matthew we should be having a conversation about getting this upgraded chassis to your original backers. Yesterday I posted something to start a conversation on this very topic.

I would imagine a large number of your Pimax RMA’s would be sorted right here. Cracked headsets will only continue to increase in number- along with RMA’s and angry backers. There are 6000 of us.

Robin Weng should make this right. The community needs a statement from him.

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We have forwarded your post to Robin, who is having a meeting outside today. Don’t worry, I think he will take the time to read your post.

We have been paying attention to RMA, especially the RMA caused by housing crack, and we are actively facing this problem and solving this problem for everyone.

What I want to say is that the new housing material has solved the problem of the crack, and this may happen only in one or two cases.

This is not really an impact on product quality, we will continue to analyze, summarize and optimize our products.




Nice video Matthew! It is much better than previous one.

Hope to see damage test with fully assembled 8KX and 8K+.

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Looks good! Can the rma headsets get the new housing? So this problem doesn’t return anymore.

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Yes, at least in theory. However, there may be situations that we did not expect.

I will try to apply for a headset from the company to meet your requirements.


Nice, can you give us a update when the new headset is shipping? I would like to have it back before 19 December? Because I see my brother once a year and I want to show him the pimax 5k plus.