DECISION TIME. Pimax personel- we need your help

We seem to have a lot of scattered questions and commentary across this board. This post has a very specific purpose:

Let’s use this space to call on Pimax to address the critical issue we have discovered with the 8K. Hopefully, this way the support team and xunshu will only need to look at one post rather than weeding through commentary and idle chatter. I am requesting that there be NO COMMENTARY on this thread. Only the big questions about the apparent limitations of the 8K.

to Pimax- @Pimax-Support @deletedpimaxrep1 @PimaxVR and hopefully to Robin Weng- if you are reading, here is our collective dilemma:

We are faced with making a decision based ONLY on the Pimax devices as they are right now. The general consensus is that the 5K+ and 8K are performing similarly with slight trade offs in detail vs clarity.

The issue is that the 8K’s performance comes with a much higher cost of hardware demands. If we are to only choose by this criteria, then the 5K+ is the reasonable choice, and in fact, is the choice of all three of your vetted testers. Pimax, if you decide to leave our decision to this alone, you will simply not sell many 8K’s.

However, if you can comment on these limitations- you will do your future sales of the 8K a real service. Please speak to the nature of the issue. Hardware based? Software based? Will there be a brainwarp component that will allow the 8K to perform without such a large resource penalty? Do you acknowledge that the 8K is not- in it’s current state- operating as intended, or is the 8K going to be performing this way going forward?

The first backers will be forced to make a choice without data that backers in the thousands may have. We need Pimax to offset this issue with some commentary from the source. Please speak to the future of the 8K. If the past few days of discourse have proven anything it’s that we need Pimax to give us some facts as to why the 8K is performing as it is compared to the 5K+, and if this disparity will improve in the near future or not. The testers @SweViver @VoodooDE and @mixedrealityTV have all served your company well, but they don’t have the data we need to make our decisions. Furthermore, in light of the massive generosity of their work, it seems wrong that they alone carry this tremendous burden of trying to clarify (with limited data) things that you, Pimax are well equipped to address right now. Please respond soon so that we can move forward.


You put it more eloquently than I did, but I already asked this and here is the response.


The 5K+ is an improved model as well. the pricing of 5K+ will be higher than 5K.
M2 is the best we can deliver for now, with the input from all the testers.


I want to know if pimax will do a new 8k+ version in future with better screens for example, because if yes i prefer to wait. You should give this option to people that dont mind to wait, and put in the email that you are sending to backers. @Pimax-Support and @deletedpimaxrep1 we need to know this answer please


I’m 90% sure you won’t get an answer to that question considering they are running with the 8K production now. I do expect that by the time they get around to the 8KX there may be opportunity to re-evaluate its spec which could lead to an 8K+/pro/xyz… For now… you’re only going to know about 5K+ and 8K.

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Okay folks here is a link to Berlin Backer impressions. It is also in the Banner Topic.

The last review in the list is a developer whom has tried the Xtal.

The same Dev also posted this on Wide FoV & if mem serves also talks about curved displays.

@Heliosurge Is that meant to be here?

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I posted the above to help as this topic should have less clutter.

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That’s the theory anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes I think like this.

We wait 8k for a long time.
After that pimax create “super cardboard headset” and present to all backer, this is very great product.

Yes I know, that is a good product, but we want the 8k, not a super cardboard headset.

I know that 5k+ is great, but it is not my choice since the first time.
And I want to know that pimax is happy to sell 5k+ more than 8k?


This is written on the faq of kickstarter page.

I remember that 5k is limited version and I cheer up my friend to choose 8k for the better quality which more price.

I am not sure that 8k is “success goal” or “give up” of development because we don’t know the future plan. Infact it should be the “best” product if no 5k+ to compare.


@SweViver mentioned in his live stream that the image quality of the 8k has already been sharpened via software updates since the early days of the m1. So for me to make a decision I need to know can we expect more of these types of updates to further refine the image quality? I dont want to pick the 5k+ and then see the 8k receive a software update that end up demolishing the 5k in quality on all fronts. But I also dont want to pick the 8k expecting to see improvements and not see anymore updates as with how things are right now between the two I’m leaning towards the 5k+

EDIT: I just saw this post by Xunshu-

So I think I will stick with the 5k+ I think it’s impossible to tell right now if there will be any significant improvements



@deletedpimaxrep1 @Pimax-Support @PimaxVR

This is what we are forced to choose between. You can’t expect to rely on the M2 team to deal with this issue. They do not work for Pimax and cannot tell the future.

PLEASE comment here and help us understand why the 8K will still be a viable choice.

Indeed the big question. Is the upscaling process controllable via firmware?

To other upscaling methodes?

If so maybd could this be selectable in future for different methods?

@deletedpimaxrep1 for the engineers evaluation.

Didn’t you or someone else say the 4K was originally upscaling from 1080 and after a FW revision that changed to 1440? If the 4K can do it, perhaps so can the 8K?

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I have a perfect solution: if they can’t make the 8k better, let them make the 5k+ WORSE to help people to decide. I’m sure companies like Apple or Samsung could/would actually do something likw that…

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The 8k is alresdy upscaling dual 1440p input the question is more about there are a few different methods to upscale with different effects.

Someone recently posted a reddit link with a slew of pics.

This is a good joke, but it be real. If we never have 5k+, we no problem of decision right now, lol.


No definitely I got that- just saying if there was a FW revision where they changed the upscale for the 4k, the same should apply to the 8k.

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Hopefully that’s possible. But… I think if it were, they would’ve done so by now. I hope I’m wrong though.

I’ve been thinking the same… interesting that Pimax isn’t going to do away with the original 5K and we’ve seen no comparisons to that model with the 8K… I can understand why since no backers will actually receive the 5K but still… I would like see those comparisons… at least at some point just for my own curiosity.