Dear Pimax, show us some evidence you're actually shipping 60 or 70 8KX units a day

Show us some more pictures. Show us some proof that you’re going to complete all orders before the end of the month as promised.

The very little number of people saying their orders have shipped is worrying.


When shipping headsets from Kickstarter, we had an online spreadsheet where we could track the statuses of our headsets according to our backer number.

I don’t understand why Pimax didn’t do the same this time :slightly_smiling_face:
Moreover, they should have all this in internal use for logistics employees in any case.


I’m just curious, what other company out there is posting their internal logistics public? I mean I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do it at all.


I don’t know about other companies, but Pimax has done this before.

If there were no such delays, and Pimax would send everything on time and in accordance with the order number, then there would be no need for such tables.

There is a bit of a mess with shipping 8KX at the moment, especially queuing by numbers, not to mention the timing.

Personally, I prefer transparency in the relationship between the client and the company :beer:


Don’t assume that because you don’t have tracking, the headset isn’t on it’s way. It’s a very common occurrence for the headset to show up before tracking does with Pimax.


Wel I created a FedEx account which should alert me when an item is headed my way. Still no joy. Even the eye tracker is nowhere to be seen

Edit: now says label has been printed but that was over a week ago, no pickup of the parcel occured yet


Well now there’s an issue with the MAS clips so I wouldn’t be surprised if orders are delayed another few weeks while they try to figure this one out. :persevere: At this point I’d rather just receive the headset and try to figure a DIY 3D printed way of fixing it.

Did ~300 headsets really get shipped last week?


Who knows but there are 20 people listed in the “order delay” thread that were verified as needing to ship and in the 10 days that thread has been active only 1 person has actually reported a shipment. So either they completely ignored that thread and decided to ship to literally everyone else first or there is something up with shipments.


I’m just curious, what other company out there takes full payment for a pre-order and still doesn’t deliver almost a year later and constantly lies and delays?

What internal logistics? All they’ve given us are some basic facts that every company would give if their product was delayed this long.


we have this at least

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Yeah im not convinced. They were so positive that everything was soing to ahipped last week but I’ve heard nothing since.


I heard rumours about a delay. Unfortunately, I was right not to believe Pimax.

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uh oh… say it ain’t so.

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Yeah I’m not either.

it ain’t so… but I have no proof, and I’m not sure I believe myself :crazy_face::grin:
Good news, RTX 3090 might get here first :smile:


It is rumored that few copies will be shipped this year.
maybe the price will rise after Christmas too. :joy:

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Don’t worry, we will update a post on delivery status on Wednesday, thank you for your attention.


It would be nice if you could clarify why you are not following pre order numbers and why you are not shipping out my s04625 and @JoCool’s s04626. Thanks


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