DCS World problem - small size of main menu window

I don`t know how to press the button “new game” because this button must be in right corner, but window of main menu too small. Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

I have the same problem and mi DCS menu is the same that yours, but I think it is not a Pimax Issue, rather i think is an DCS menu bug related to the screen resolution, just check the picture I take when I tried with riftcat and google cardboard, its also chopped up, but in a different way.

I am the same to you. I think it is hard to play with half a screen. But it seems impossible for me to change the
resolution in this game.

Started a thread with DCS. Fingers Crossed.

I am having the same issue. I did alot of searching and did not find any other reference, yet many people play DCS world in VR. So I wonder if it is related to Pimax.

Anyway I submitted a ticket to DCS world support also.

Yes, i have too this problem. In Oculus CV1 and Deepoon E2 its ok.
Maybe problem with DCS only after using pix.exe?

I was facing the same issue. I don’t know what I did but yesterday when tried again, the first letter of the menu items was visible so I could actually select items and managed to play.

BTW, I did update to the beta versions of PiPlay (1.1.89), firmware ( and DCS (openbeta).

I have the same issue with osvr hdk2. I think it actually a steam issue

What about using display mirror? Can you pan the headset & use the mirror to find button to click?

Probably not that easy.

guys this is due to non matching resolution from dcs and display. normally when vr is enabled in dcs it sorts it but i would always get this issue when changing resolution at desktop and game is on a larger res. goto C/user/your account/saved games/dcs/config open the txt file for options and find width and height and change to same resolution as hmd. i never have issues with pimax display only mnitors on desk

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