DCS World Motion smoothing frame lag above 70% GPU use

Win 10 2004
All pitool.
3090 latest

Ive noticed as soon as you go over 70% GPU use motion smooth (or a DCS issue?) can no longer keep up and start frame lagging and stops being smooth. its very visible looking out to the sides and leaves a pretty big loss in available performance.

It may well be the case for all games but i havent tested it. You guys got the same experience?

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Yes, this stuff happens with DCS World. Standard advice follows…

Try PiTool , and try launching DCS World from PiTool itself just once (that won’t work properly but it will effect some permanent changes that may solve this).

Also get FPSVR if you don’t have it.

  • PiTool versions are known to vary much more than 10% in performance.
  • Some PiTool versions/features have catastrophic performance regressions (ie. ‘GPU Catalyst’ bugs).
  • DCS World itself can have a glitch that causes double framing even when performance margins should be adequate… if you see double framing at the initial menu then you definitely have this problem.

I run DCS at 144 Hz Pitool 261 Normal 1.5 Render No Smart Smoothing SVR 48%
Game textures HIGH MSAA 4x
I will add I am not doing any combat or multiplay so can’t sat what results occur there but my fps runs around 38 to 50s so not even 1/2 the 144 hz but thing is everything is smooth in normal flight which is great for my needs.

Intel I5 6600K @4.5 OC, Gigabyte GA-Z170XP mobo, GAMMAXX GTE Cooler, MSI GTX 1080TI Gaming X gpu (factory OC), SoundBlaster X-F1 sound card, 16 gig Corsair Vengeance ddr4 ram @ 3200 , 4 ssd hds, EVGA 650 Gold Power supply

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I am with a squad that flies very intense missions and I get smooth motion with smart smoothing on. Your settings in DCS like MSAA and shadows and be the largest hit so I do not use them as I want smoothness over a little bit of shimmer. As you can see my CPU pipeline is fine but I am GPU bottle necked and waiting for my 3090. It is still very flyable right now.

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What do you mean by " if you see double framing at the initial menu then you definitely have this problem."? half the frames in relation to hz?

Not necessarily. Double framing is the visual effect that usually results from less than half framerate with Smart Smoothing, or less than 30Hz without Smart Smoothing. When moving the head side-to-side, two overlapping frames are seen - text and buttons for example are seen twice.

However, when this happens at the initial menu, which usually does not require much CPU/GPU, it is an indicator DCS World is just not working correctly. At the menu, this visual effect can happen even without the framerate/latency statistics being so low.

So, as I stated, seeing a ‘double framing’ visual effect at the initial menu, is a strong indicator of a major performance glitch that can be resolved, allowing for far better visual quality and framerates…


Thank you for such a good explanation.

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