DCS World, 8Kx & GeForce 3090

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I just got a new system and I assumed it was powerful enough to run DCS World in VR at max settings. I have an Intel i9 running at 5.2GHz, 32 GIG RAM, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090, and PiMax 8Kx.

When I crank all the settings to max, I’m dropping frames. Are there any tools or tips you guys recommend to help DCS perform better on this machine?

Thanks so much for the assistance.



For VR unfortunately don’t think there is a consumer pc strong enough for the pimax headsets to run at Max settings. DCS’ engine is just too outdated to make full use of modern hardware ie Multiple cpu cores.

@mirage335 can likely give some recommendations based on yoir system to have a great balance between quality and Frames.


I am no expert on DCS, but my understanding is that the main limitation to high framerates is the CPU single-thread execution rate. You still need a good GPU to render the scenes, but that’s not the major bottleneck. Unfortunately, DCS is about the worst-case performance scenario for VR.

If your budget allows, AMD’s newest top-end CPU has ~10% better single-thread performance, over Intel’s latest top-end CPU (and it’s much faster than my i7-8700K). It will be available in November. Note that since you mostly care about single-thread performance, you can save $250 and get the 12 core Ryzen 9 5900X, instead of the 16 core version.

Otherwise, there are various DCS tweaks you can make to increase framerate (which reduce visual quality).


Disable hypertrading

I watched VoodooDE’s 2080 Ti vs 3090 comparison on 10 VR games.

Some benefit significantly, others do not and it’s all down the engine and optimisation. Unfortunately DCS is one that absolutely does not, and the performance gain is about 5 FPS.


Disable hypertrading

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I’d caution that you wait for real life benchmarks of the new AMD chips as they were compared vs stock clocks on the intel CPUs on AMD’s slides. The advantage was not particularly large or was running equal, and may well disappear in real world testing. Especially if you already are running @ 5.2ghz.

We’ll know more very soon either way.


That was your first mistake. Many of the settings have no quality improvement whatsoever and massive performance impact. Case-in-point - terrain textures. I thought that made a difference, then did some very extensive comparisons, and found it absolutely did nothing but waste a lot of VRAM. At least some shadow settings are an absolute no-go, MSAA 4x is usually broken… there is a bunch of stuff you do not want ‘max’.

Look at the other tabs of this LibreOffice spreadsheet for proven quality settings for both DCS World and ‘NVIDIA Control Panel’.


Very important, Pixel Density in DCS World costs CPU time, rather than just GPU. Set Pixel Density to 1.2 or less.

Disable HyperThreading as others have suggested in this thread. The benefit to DCS World is well proven, and there are few if any games which are not better off without HyperThreading.

Now try PiTool Render Quality 1.25x, SteamVR Video (and Application/ DCS World) Resolution 2430v (vertical pixels like 4320x2430), DCS World Pixel Density 1.2 .

That should look extremely clear and readable, without frame dropping.


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