DCS World 2.9 and Pimax Client 1.16 - Not a good mix for the 8KX

The latest DCS Open Beta release version 2.9 is not working well with pimax client 1.16. The game will crash when entering the simulation after a few seconds. Reverting back to 1.14 solves the issue.
This is with the Multi-thread version with OpenXR runtine. Have not tested with Single thread or SteamVR.

HMD Model: Vision 8KX
First 3 Numbers Serial: 207
Pitool Version: 1.16
HMD Firmware: v2.1.255.299
Tracking: Lighthouse

System Info

  • Windows Version: 11 22h2
  • CPU: i9-13900KF
  • RAM: 64GB DDR5
  • Motherboard: MSI Carbon Z790
  • GPU Model: ZOTAC AMP AERO RTX 4080
  • GPU Driver: 545.84
  • SteamVR Version: N/A
  • Oculus Version: N/A
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Not working well? The performance was worse compared to PimaxPlay 1.16?

Hi PimaxQuorra,

Update on the issue: Pimax 1.14 also proved to be instable and causing ramdom CTD after a while. After further investigation, It was caused by the combination of DCS 2.9 and using the Intel Extreme Overclocking Utility in auto-overclock mode. I am back with Pimax client 1.16 and it is running fine with DCS.


That’s great news!

We’re in the process of planning to introduce the beta version soon, and my best guess that the public release will be around mid-November.