DCS game starting

Recently I started to play DCS. I tried it before and was not satisfied with performance, but now I am (especially with Fholgers Perfkit).
I installed it from developer (to use possibility of trying every plane and map), and imported game to steam and Pitool launcher.
Now how to start?

If I start it from Pitool, then I can not use steam overlay programs (Necksaver), and my head is outside of plane cockpit. Should I perform again room setup in Pitool? I do not like it, as every other game just works as it is now.

If I start it from Steam, it will start Oculus too. Everything works, but why oculus (additional ballast)? I tried line argument -openvr and -vr, but oculust start always.
I prefer steam start because of overlays, but how to start it in openvr mode?

I didn´t try starting from PE.


Set Oculus launcher properties to “run as administrator” then it won’t launch unless you launch it.

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Today I was not out of the cockpit when starting from pitool :smiley:
It looks like perfkit works even without steam.

But on my system, I feel more fluid experience with starting from steam.

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