DCS & FS2020 stuttering, like, MAD stuttering

I might as well ask for a little advice here as Google hasn’t been of much help…

I am running a Pimax 5K+ on a 9900K CPU and 3080ti GPU, with PiTool v1.0.1.275 and nVidia drivers 511.65.

Virtually (pun intended) every game that I play in VR works perfectly, but I have noticed something weird in DCS and FS2020 which I am currently trying out as I bought myself a rather nice Virpil setup. In both games, if the game window is active, I get MAD stuttering whenever I move my head around, it’s as if the screen separates in to multiple overlapping images which jump ahead of the main image and then elastic-band back in to place when I stop moving. Move my mouse outside of the window and click elsewhere (so that the game window is no longer active but still visible through the headset) and the stuttering vanishes.

I have tried clean installs of both PiTool and SteamVR, I have tried running the service in Windows 8 compatibility mode, and I have tweaked just about every in-game setting that I can find, but nothing eliminates this issue. The issue doesn’t affect Steam Home or any other VR program, only these two flight simulators.

I know that a lot of you play these games without any issues, but I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this and figured out a fix?

Try rolling back your Nvidia driver.
I think vrsimguy has found similar issues.


I’m not familiar with the issue myself, but whenever I’ve seen other people refer to stuttering problems when the game window is active vs inactive, the resolution has been disabling GPU Hardware Scheduling in the nVidia control panel.

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I gave that a try, and if anything it became even worse! A valid suggestion though, and one I hadn’t tried so thankyou for the advice.

That got it! Although it’s a Windows setting rather than an nVidia one. Turned it off, restarted the PC and the stuttering is gone. The annoying thing is that I know I turned that setting off long ago, it must have re-enabled itself following an update or something.


Make sure HAGS is disabled in the Windows Control Panel.

How to Enable Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling in Windows 11 (howtogeek.com)


Is this a win11 specific fix?

Also I noticed that windows 11 is officially asking me to update to 11.

I guess it went gold. Is it safe to update? or are there still performance issues?

thats a DCS and FS2020 Fix.

Win11 hate VR, what i have read.
aahh, i see, the link is for win 11… win 10 is the same prodcedure

Again, hags must be disabled

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Do you know if it is also necessary or at least beneficial for IL-2 Sturmovik?


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