DAS Audio Strap

I guess there are many here like me, that have held out for the Free bonus Pimax head strap, waiting, and waiting…

Forget it! Just forget it and get the DAS, then consider the promised Pimax head strap as a loss

I finally gave in and picked a Vive DAS up. Wow! I just finished printing the 3D modded connectors and got it all together. It fits great, it looks great, it adds built in audio, and it’s a good deal. I should not have waited so long for the Pimax unit, but I’m kinda thrifty sometimes. The DAS really transforms the cheap feeling / looking Pimax into a nicer looking quality piece.

This is the way to go, as I’m positive the Pimax strap will never be this nice., if it ever comes at all, and I hate halo style straps anyway. I much prefer CV1 type straps.

Happy camper now!


Nice! I picked up the DAS and 3D clips last month before my new 5K+ even arrived, haha, i have a CV1, and it’s comfy, i wanted my Pimax to be the same, sure glad i spent a few extra $ for the comfort, definitely worth it!


Yeah I purchased the deluxe audio strap months ago and I am very happy with it . Now I am considering buying the index controllers for the same reason . Nearly two years late and we still have no idea when the Pimax controllers , base stations and stretch goals are coming .


As Pimax were stating the lighthouses, controllers and audio strap would not be part of the initial release I pledged for HMD only. My logic was that I could use the money saved to purchase the existing Vive accessories from used auction sites.

Over a few months I bought lighthouses for tracking, then added a couple of Vive controllers and finally a barely used DAS. All at a good cost and I have been enjoying a full VR experience for months.

I even just sold the Vive controllers again for the same as I bought them for, that money has now been spent towards my new Vive Index controllers.

I do empathise with all those who pre-paid for the entire package because doing the above would be throwing good money after bad.

Pimax really are hideously slow to deliver.


It would seem so, i have been told multiple times as a new pre-order customer via email ( which i have saved ) that the sword controllers and base stations will be available and shipped out sometime in Q4 2019, if this doesn’t happen i’ll be requesting a refund / chargeback in early 2020 to purchase either vive or valve controllers / base stations, im not a backer, im a regular customer, i won’t tolerate them dragging their heels beyond 2020 for me to experience full VR with the Pimax, if they’re giving pre-order info to customers like myself and then not delivering it’s going to blow up in their face, if Pimax wants to keep my Pre-Order money then they NEED to get these released when they say they’re going to.


Its pretty good . I’m actually tempted to buy another for frankenquest.

but i figure ill wait for pimax to deliver their DAS and ill swap the vive DAS to the quest


Do they sell index controllers outside of the US yet? No chance for New Zealand I think…

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I believe the index is still only available in the USA and UK for the time being, who knows when / if this will change, you could probably find it from third-party resellers online willing to ship to your country but prices might be much different, not even sure where to start looking, Canada has wantboard . ca but that’s only for Canadians and they’ve been sold out for months.

I suppose all we can do is wait for valve and see what happens as far as availability in other countries.


wouldn’t it be funny, if Pimax just bought a few thousand and sold it to us?


I was thinking of sending a pm to a backer that I have come to know on this forum and asking him to buy me one then send it to me if I pay first .


The psvr halo strap is still the best by a mile imo. The DAS is totally overpriced here in the UK aswell. There’s a reason why oculus rift s and vive cosmos went with the halo strap and thats because over time it is the most comfortable . I played like 5-10 "hours of tetris effect on psvr and had no comfort issues . I tried the same with the Pimax and had to throw it off after couple hours . Comfort is definitely extremely important factor when it comes to vr headsets i backed into this partly i saw the halo strap hooked on the Pimax unfortunately they didn’t deliver.

I like the headset but the comfort sucks


To each his own. I had a older Sony HMD with a halo style headstrap, and never could get the screen properly adjusted against my face.