Damm my valve index has a hardware problem,strange rainbow stripe colors(amazing support they have!Already a new one on my way)

Damm , my vacation just started an now my valve index has this strange problem…

I was playing a game and suddenly i got these strange color stripes…
it looks like the glare turned into these color beams,very strange…

I get these rarely on my 8K. It’s some sort of video glitch. For me, rebooting the headset usually fixes it. It might be a bad cable. When I got a replacement cable from Pimax (for video “snow”), this issue was greatly improved.


i have changed the cable its not the problem,also its only in the right eye

For me, it varied. I saw it on either or both panels. It might be a bad connection inside the headset (or some other hardware issue).


Damm what a amazing support they got!

They already contacted me and they will send me a new one…
I can send the broken valve index back when i recieve mine…

Amazing support !!!
This is how it should be done!


I was sent a replacement loaner 8K headset from Pimax swiftly in January 2019 (Pimax employee called Dallas) with a similar visual defect to yours, so Pimax can and do offer good support also.

You can verify my claim as authentic if you look up my old posts regarding this.


isn’t it only when you hit ludicrous speed that it goes into plaid?



that how to do it!

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All they need to do is first earn billions with an enormous digital software distribution platform!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Or 88Hz perhaps?


You may have missed the OPs original point. He’s posting about an Index hardware issue on a Pimax forum so either

  1. He’s trying to prove that Index are prone to the same issues that Pimax can have.(Like you I had the rainbow stripe issue, it was the cable and Pimax sent me a new one without any delay)
  2. He’s trying to make a point that Valve’s support is so much better than Pimax. (They are a multi-billion $ company so I would hope their support was good)

those are the only reason I can think of. I actually doubt he cares about our advise and solutions.

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