Cyberpunk Luke Mod 4090 settings

Hi anyone playing this on the 4090…trying to find the best settings. The custom settings in Cyberpunk dont work. As soon as I Set it to High things become super blurry even though I have the performance… Must be some of the settings. But I dont know which. Any help is appreciated… I want the best visual Quality I can get… It is so amazing in VR

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it’s been a few weeks since i played it but iirc i have the games resolution maxxed out, DLSS on Quality, most graphics settings on low or medium. in the mods menu (pause key) you can adjust the resolution/ppd further, i usually set it to 27 PPD. pitool on Normal fov, Quality on 1.


Why most settings on low or Medium… Are they not Important on how the graphic looks. Dlss introduces a lot oof shimmering in the corners of objects for me. What’s that ppd for… Never did anything with it

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I prefer to maximize resolution over things like shadows etc. You’re gonna need dlss if u run high resolution. Oh i forgot, i have ray tracing turned off. PPD = pixels per degree, the higher it is, the sharper the image is.


In another thread here I read that he noted no difference above 2700 resolution. How much more fps gives you dlss? With me it Was only about 10 and noticable worse picture. I try the ppd thing. Never noticed it before. It’s in Lukes mods setting?


i’ve not measured how many fps dlss gives me but without it my fps definitely dips to the point where it isn’t smooth enough, but i suppose if u don’t have your resolution that high then u don’t need dlss. in lukes mod menu there’s a ppd slider you can adjust.

What’s the difference from ppd and resolution? I thought ppd is headset bound. How much does the ppd Influence the performance and visual?

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as i posted earlier, ppd means pixels per degree, and the more there are the sharper the image is. resolution is how many pixels there are. ppd is tied to the headset, when u increase it past what it is natively, you are then supersampling.

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I have to agree with @tykey6 here, I pushed my ppd up to 35 and the difference is staggering, way more important than RTX ON IMO.

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Ok… i still dont get how to find the sweet spot

I played arround a little with it. did 35ppd. I have to click adapt resolution in the mod menue or is that optional? Frames dropped then to 60 FPS.

I tryed then using dsll but not everything is super flickering in distance again… Damm…

I reduced it to 30ppd… but now somwhere i comes terrible ghosting even though i have steady 90fps

Luke ross is working on his V2 real mod to reduce this ghosting…

It wasnt there before… a little bit but now it is terrible… damm there is so many settings :slight_smile:

The AER2 mod is totally working for me in the game Grounded. I’m using the “1/2 mode”. Ghosting is eliminated. Basically I get it rolling at 90 FPS and it is alternating 45FPS in each eye and interpolating the other 45 FPS in each eye. Smooth as butter. There is some overhead to reach that 90FPS though, such that in mono mode I would achieve a higher FPS, but let me clear - it’s not what it would take to achieve 180FPS! Basically 'm getting the quality of 180 FPS for a substantially reduced hardware requirement. If you can’t maintain 90FPS with the mode switched on you can try the 1/3 mode and simply try to achieve the 60FPS that’s required for that. I haven’t tested it much, but it seems, - as expected - that this would result in notable artifacting. Here’s the thing, the artifacting on 1/3 mode is still less obtrusive than than the ghosting from original AER. This is a really wonderful way of leveraging interpolation in AER. It works, but just as @LukeRoss has stated it requires that you maintain the 90FPS or 60FPS in order to allow those modes to work.

Takeaways: You must fully maintain the 1/2 FPS (which is 90FPS on a 90hz HMD) or 1/3 FPS (which is 60 FPS on a 90hz HMD) in order for the interpolation to work.

I think many people will have a situation where they achieve 85 FPS in 1/2 mode or 55FPS in 1/3 mode they and may accidentally say to themselves “these modes don’t work”

The same is true of Motion smoothing in regular games. If you miss a frame - you miss two frames - and that looks terrible.

AER2 is wonderful. Just make sure you are “feeding” the frame interpolation engine all the frames at all times - that’s not easy - but the result is incredible.

Luke has done something wonderful, but I want to ensure people understand both how it works and “what not to do” so that they don’t come away unsatisfied.

Interesting. In Spiderman my fps dip to 88 sometimes 85 regardless of the ppd I Set. I have a 4090

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that sounds like CPU limitation - I had the same issue (in Miles Morales) - I switched to 75Hz, and although I got it to achieve 75FPS all day it didn’t look quite right. Perhaps @LukeRoss didn’t account for 75Hz HMDs? Did you try 60 FPS on the 1/3rd mode?

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