Customer Support shady tactics

So long story short, i purchased a Pimax 5K Plus in may, and i already have a problem with their DP/USB cable that destroys by it self (the plastic shielding of the cable is peeling off by it self). I only use the HMD for my driving simulator so the cable move a little. I have contacted them via support and that is what they replied:

Hi Silviu,

Sorry for the late reply.Since the last two days were Pimax Day 2,we were really busy.
I checked your order, I found that you are in the may purchase, actually line is a consumable, since you buy for a long time, by definition, we can’t be able to send you a line, but i apply to my leader, he hope you can give us leave a 5 star review with product video after we can give you to send a cable.
Thanks for your support and looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards

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Let me know what you guys think?

Especially the part that a product purchased in MAY is considered OLD!

I also own an Oculus Rift for the last two years and the cables are in MINT CONDITION.

Now i have to lie and boost their crap manufacturing process in order to have another cable for my pimax.

I WILL NOT go down this way, i better like to advice people how they operate and buy the damn cable instead!!

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You should produce a product video for that cable…? :joy: sweet

O M G sooooooo “aliexpress”-ish I have nothing more to say. Next thing to happen would be wimax pymax and bemax headsets popping up on ebay, ali, amazon, with all 5 star reviewes.


Isn’t Sally trying to say that they will send you a cable and then you produce a video about how this cable saved your life, and that there are no better cables? Which actually might be true :smiley:


The overall Pimax customer experience seems to be rapidly deteriorating


Let me ask my LEADER.

The sad thing is that the device it self it’s pretty good but the materials are from 1916!

Unbelievable, this is just unbelievable