Customer Service Program

Customer Service Program Update!

Dear all Pimax Enthusiasts,

We appreciate all the support all of you!

Thank you so much for providing your many great suggestions, comments and compliments.

Our top goal for 2020 is to completely satisfy every customer and evolve an easy to use, fast and friendly customer support system.

Here are some updates about what we are working on and what we have accomplished so far!

New Global Hotline

We have completed our setup for our new global customer service hotlines.

If you are experiencing urgent / unresolved questions you are always welcome to reach out to us.

Our support will assist you and solve your problem .
Here are the official numbers:

NA - +1 (714) 581 9199
EU - +46 840304731
Japan - +81 5032050856

Support Ticket System

Support delay’s cause frustration so we have strived to reduce our customer service response time to less than 24 hours.

IF your ticket exceeds 48 hours and remains unresolved you may directly PM to any of these platforms - Quorra (OpenMR), 8K VR Club/Pimax official(Facebook), @pimaxofficial (Twitter) and Pimax_hmd (Instagram) and let us know directly.

Delivery and Processing Time Transparency

Quite a number of users have complained about processing delays AND unknown or inaccurate shipping times. We have resolved to correct these mistakes and have a team that is focusing specifically on this matter.
We are well aware that if delivery and processing time is not shown at all or is shown inaccurately customers will lose faith. We are making certain customers are completely informed before placing their order in the shopping cart system accurate shipping time and processing times are detailed.

Gathering After the Sale Feedback

Our Support team will perform an after the sale communication to each and every customer via email to find out any issues, questions or problems that they may have. Our plan is to determine areas where we can improve and of course resolve any outstanding issues that customers may experience.

Customer Satisfaction Report

We will prepare and update a monthly customer’s satisfaction report on OpenMR. Our internal team will survey all customer feedback and make certain the level of satisfaction continually increases.

If you are unsatisfied with any of our product / policy, you may share your thoughts to Quorra is in charge of collecting and relaying all comments to team members and managers when necessary.

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