Custom SteamVR Icons For Pimax Headsets

SteamVR Icons for Pimax Headsets



  1. Download the archive.
  2. Extract the contents of the archive and copy the icons folder to C:\Program Files\Pimax\SteamVRSupport\drivers\aapvr\resources, overwriting files when requested.

It is recommended to make a backup of the icons folder before installing to revert back to the default icons in the event of future PiTool updates causing issues.


@Alex.liu. Could You, with @Genesis’ permission of course, include these icons in upcoming PiTool releases?


That would be awesome!
Thanks @Genesis!

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Here is Custom Sword Controller Icon.pack for SteamVR to go with Genesis’ Pimax hmd or used standalone.

Copy of Post Below by TeH_Venom

So The pimax swords icons looked like crap, it was green, both sides were the right controller & for some reason pimax forgot to make some of the icons transparent lol,

So i made an icon pack for SteamVR that fixes some stuff, but in purple/blue instead of the traditional color pallete, I will make a new pack when i have some more time in the traditional Valve Index color gradient

This fixes the transparency on some of the icons, recolors all of them from the green to a gradient & displays Left / Right controller icons correctly instead of just righthand icons

Preview of the new icons

Also available within the folder named “rendermodels” is a recolor for the 3D render models, from gray to a deep blue.

Here’s how it looks like: Left - New / Right - Old

Here’s the link to download these replacers,

Just extract the contents of ‘Swords_iconFix_Purple.rar’ into the following path & replace the existing files (Make sure to create a backup copy if you ever decide to undo these changes):

‘C:\Program Files\Pimax\SteamVRSupport\drivers\aapvr’

Restart SteamVR to apply the changes.

The controllers + icons should display the new ones. The HMD icon is not included, but is available in this OpenMR post by Genesis

@PimaxQuorra & @hammerhead_gal you might want to discuss with Team and this user about including and using these Sword Controller icons for SteamVR