Custom resolutions with riftcat?

Just started using RC… I notice the max resolution it’s allowing to select is 2560x1440
This seems to be a limitation of steamvr? Or riftcat?

Any way my s8+ supports 2960 x 1440

Is there any way to edit something to force this resolution?

Thanks so much

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Edit vridgeQuality.cfg with a text editor.

“Width”: xxxx,
“Height”: xxxx,



Will test later :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, do you use Gear VR as Headset with the S8+?
If so, can you publish a stable and fluent working config file? I have huge Problems with some kind of lagging experience with riftcat while using the Gear VR.

I’m using wearality sky

It wouldn’t work at 2960x1440 for me

To be honest it just doesn’t work good even when it does