Crystal through the lens!

Pimax Crystal through the lens in standalone mode !!


Looking good.

Lauch still planned for Q3 22?


THX for the pics and video,if i am right the crystal has eye relief lenses so i could achieve a bigger field off view as the quest 2 or varjo aero if am i right?

Crsytal, with the 35PPD lenses, is 140deg diagonal FOV so significantly larger than both Aero and Q2.

Also, thank you for sharing this! Which lenses is this with? The 35 PPD or 42 PPD? Looks amazing for standlone! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m getting way way too hyped now, please launch it next month ha!


I second this question. Which lenses are these?

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There is one thing I’ve been meaning to ask… I guess this is as good a place as any…

So we are supposed to finally get eye-relief (YAAY! At last; A MUST have, with canted lenses and wide FOV… although 8mm sounds like a rather minuscle range)…

Is Tobii’s contribution to the software stack able to tell not only the user’s IPD, but also the Z location of the HMD relative to their eyes, and does it prompt the user to increase or decrease eye relief to find the sweet spot?


That does look good! I didn’t know the Crystal could do standalone, I thought it was just the Reality 12k Qled. Cool.

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Saweet! How does the 140 Diagonal break out to vertical and horizontal FOV for 35PPD lens?


So i heard its showed off at the qualcomm snapdragon festival today,lets hope there come some user impressions.

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More! More! More! And THANKS!


Seems like the Crystal is a pivot, since they likely won’t be able to deliver the 12k this year.

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?? They are almost the same headset if you see one you then the other is close.


thats what i wanna know,the diagonal is always bs,aero boasts about 134 diagonal and they have like what?100 horizontal.

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If you see one prototype the other prototype is close? Yes?

Can anyone at Pimax now confirm Crystal in now in full production and will start shipping by the end of September?

But congrats to Pimax for getting a unit out there that can be seen by more than Pimax staffers.


Pimax has said 110 degrees horizontal for the standard 35 PPD lens.

Also absolutely agree that VR manufacturers should not be advertising diagonals since the corners of the panels can not actually be seen and are not used. I realize all VR manufacturers do this, which means the others have to follow suit. But it should be illegal because it’s false advertising. It’s like selling a 8.5"x11" sized sheet of paper but advertising it as 17"x22" because that’s the size of the sheet it was cut out of.


Hard to tell since there is no comparison reference.

The metalic V doesnt quite fit. Personal opinion


Actually, it’s 110 horizontal for the 42PPD. 35 they said “over 120 degrees” horizontal. At about 16 minutes in on the Pimax Crystal announcement.

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Whoops. You’re right! I see that I misread the UploadVR article when I replied. It says the “default lenses” have horizontal 110 degrees. My understanding is the Crystal ships with the wider lenses and the narrow ones are optional, but that’s not what’s represented in this article. Instead it says the optional lenses have 120 degrees horizontal.

Anyway, I suspect that the actual horizontal FOV of the Crystal (with the 35PPDs lenses) will be identical to or slightly greater than the actual horizontal FOV of the Valve Index. That’s because I believe the purpose of the Crystal is to be the direct upgrade path for Index customers that the Varjo Aero isn’t. I think Pimax has specifically targeted that the Crystal must at least match the Index in every way so that, unlike the Aero, perspective Index customers are not sacrificing anything if they upgrade to it.

If true, that might further suggest that the point of the 42PPD narrow lenses is to out resolution the Aero specifically.

So the targeted upgrade paths Pimax is building here appear to be:

Pimax 8KX, 5KS, etc → Pimax 12K
Valve Index → Pimax Crystal w/wide lenses.
Varjo Aero, HP Reverb G2 → Pimax Crystal w/narrow lenses.
Quest 2 → Pimax Crystal (either lens configuration blows away the Quest 2)

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Wow, that would make sense I guess. Where did you hear this? Is that at gamescom or a separate event?

I love Sadlyitsbradley, but that was a really sh*t take. No point in parroting someone else’s opinion either, especially when it is completely unfounded.

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