Crystal Through Lens l Sneak Peek

I managed to capture the through lens shot while experiencing the Crystal. Let’s check this out guys!

Awesome contrasts and sharpness on Crystal QLED Display with Local Dimming



Is this still a prototype or a finished unit?

The local dimming is looking good, some aura (forget the term) around the fruit ninja logo when it was loading so I assume that is the size of one of the local dimming zones but just guessing. It did look like deeper blacks surrounding that. If this comes out before the Quest Pro then it will be the first headset with actual local dimming to release afaik. Aero has it but hasn’t been enabled yet.


Do you mean the glare/halo around the white logo?

Pimax needs Tyriel Woods.

Yeah, I think the term might be “bloom”.

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also called (i think) godrays.

My next upgrade from the Varjo Aero will be Somnium :slight_smile:


The somnium headset seems cool, I especially like the Open source aspect of it. I’m not holding out much hope for it ever being a thing or particularly usable though, but fingers cross it does work out. A proper open source headset would be amazing.


The somnium triggers me with aero visuals and index like fov


Out of interest, why would you not go for the Crystal in that case (it will have aero visuals and index FOV with likely better colours)? Somnium seems at least a year away, and doesn’t really seem to have any major advantages over the Cystal bar the open source aspect. The company behind it being a crypto/nft space leaves me a bit skeptical but that’s my own personal gripe and could be completely misplaced (just my past experience with any companies in the space previously, although they are going for hardware and not just software so that’s a good sign).

crystall has smaller fov than the somnium thats why I am not sure about the crystall .

Ideal would be the 12k Qled but who knows how long it takes for it to release

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Oh, I thought crystal hFOV was 120 with the 35PPD lens, guess it’s not confirmed though. I think it’s 140 diagonal with those lenses (which are the default).

I am interested in the tweakability and potential to build my own headset with the somnium space one, also very interested in the tracking being part of their open source software (that could be a huge deal if it’s solid). It does seem like it will be very expensive, I’m guessing 2k+ for a premade unit. I do hope it works out though, it could be a great addition to VR in general and open up for some really interesting community driven hardware.

The FOV looks a bit emaciated. :sunglasses:

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No godrays in fact. its very hard to capture the darkness/black levels on a iphone camera. :wink:

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Are you guys satisfied with that contrasts? Crystal Through Lens l Sneak Peek - YouTube

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It would be better if you took pictures of the Crystal and 8KX then showed us the difference.

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I am very satisfied with the picture quality. The colors, contrast and details are top-notch. The only thing Pimax needs to work on is the affordability. I hope it won’t really go for $1900.

I fully expect a watered down (Artisan) model a year down the line with some of the finer luxuries removed (eye tracking, body tracking, maybe no standalone), likely using parts from any returned units or ones that didn’t quite make the cut off the line to be a 12K.

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