Crystal status LED issue


Since yesterday I have noticed that the status indicator LED on top of the headset is malfunctioning.

My Crystal boots normally, during boot up the white status LED flashes briefly, but then the LED goes out.

The LED lights up green for a few seconds when the proximity sensor at the nose piece is activated and then goes out again.

No more blue charging LED and no more white “fully charged” LED.

The actual play time of the battery is greatly reduced to about one hour or so.

In fact when I left the headset switched off overnight the fully charged battery had depleted down to two green bars in the Pimax Client.

Any ideas? Could it be because of the firmware update to version 1.3.0_au0807 ?

Thanks in advance!


Have you connected the heaconnectdset using a USB hub? The most recent update addresses charging-related problems.

When I start up my headset, the LED flashes white. When the proximity sensor is triggered, the LED turns on and then goes off.

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Yes, I have connected the headset to the USB hub which came with the Crystal.

Since the Crystal would not charge its battery, I have switched back to my old Pimax 8kx.
This morning I decided to give the Crystal one more try. Lo and behold, the LED seems to work again normally, at least for the moment.

We had a heatwave with resulting room temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius, so I presume that maybe this issue could have been temperature related.