Crystal shipping update - To ship a few days after CES!

Post up on twitter right now, I guess it will be posted here soon. Probably the best update post I have seen from Pimax to date. They seem very matter of fact and confident about that shipping date, so fingers crossed many of us will have Crystals in our hands in about 4 weeks!

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This is a huge and positive step forward for Pimax in terms of communication with Pimaxians AND potential other customers!
The proof is always in the pudding, of course, but now at least we’re getting a good look at the pudding’s timeline!
I appreciate the caveat that the Pimax will be monitoring feedback and continuously improving their products.
I don’t expect perfection- but I do expect a product that meets initial reasonable expectations. If it gets better and better over time, that’s great too. Especially if there is an upgrade/mod path for early adopters.
Keep it coming Pimax!


I’ll be (pleasantly) surprised if they ship in January.