Crystal - Right Screen Problem

My Crystal is nearly 4 weeks since purchase. After about a week I notice the Right Screen is garbled with colored static every time I turn it on, like a Television that is not tuned in. Please see the attached picture.

It clears only if I Press the Restart Service button in Piplay app. If I use the Crystal then let it sit unused for awhile the screen turns off and then upon picking up this same garbled Right Screen will occur again until I press Restart Service.

My concern is this is some problem with the LCD screen that may further deteriorate and eventually not function or turn back on. Can someone at Pimax please take a look and tell me what may be the cause and any solution ?


i have the same issue …

On Crystal ? Right screen only ? When did it start doing that on yours and when did you purchase ?

Just asking some specific questions because maybe it is only a certain batch of Crystal headsets it is happening to.

Thanks for replying :+1:

@PimaxQuorra might want the look into this

Could you please upload the images? I want to check whether you have encountered the same issue that we discovered during our testing phase.

Like this?

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Very similar, more a green color with grey & yellow, it is always the Right screen only and is fixed once I press Restart Service in piplay.

Now another problem has developed in the past 2 days. I changed the battery over to freshly charged one and then overnight pc was turned off and the battery in the hmd fully depleted from nearly 100% to Zero.

I changed to the other battery after I fully charged it and within one hour of sim racing the battery was fully depleted to zero.

Now neither of the batteries will charge in the headset during use or between use. I have tried swapping over to another powered usb hub I have but still the batteries will not charge. When looking in the headset I can see the small green battery icon and it is not flashing as it used to when charging, it stays static meaning no charge. I have tried different usb ports and other power points.

Only way to use the headset now is to keep swapping every hour and charging the batteries removed from the headset. I cannot keep doing this and it needs to be fixed.

There also really needs to be some upgrade to the Crystal headset whereby a battery is not needed when tethered to a PC.

Sad to say that these problems with the battery are making me not want to use the Crystal, I really hope there is a solution soon.

Thanks and how do I upload images here ?

If this is very similar, it’s a known issue, and our dev team is actively working on resolving it.

Regarding the battery charging issue, did you use the included hub? If you’re using the hub, you should have at least a 4-hour gameplay session. And if the headset is shut down, the battery should be charging.

You can either copy and paste the images or click “Upload.”

I am using the included hub correctly and the battery lasts less than an hour and no, ut does not charge when not using it.

I now found some online talk about battery not charging.

The solution is to purchase a fast charger and plug the Crystal into the charger using a USB-C cable that must remain while in using the headset in VR.

I do not really like this solution because I want my Crystal to perform as advertised and be charging from the powered usb hub while I play. I do not want to buy more power devices and have another cable plugged in while playing.

Can Pimax Engineers please fix this issue and let us know what is happening ?

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Just want to confirm, is the hub performing properly? Does it allow you to charge the battery after shutting down the headset? Or has it never worked since unboxing?

The hub supplied with the Crystal appears to work because I have tried it with other peripherals such as steering wheel etc. and up until about 3 days ago my headset was charging properly from it.

I changed the battery and 1st noticed after it went flat overnite and so swapped to the freshly charged battery which was flat in an hour of use. But both batteries will charge fine when not in the headset.

I have another powered hub which I tried with the Crystal but the headset still will not charge the battery. I tried many different usb ports on my new AMD5 Gigabyte B650 mobo and also different power points. The Crystal will not charge the battery for unknown reason so it runs flat sim racing in about an hour of use - red light flashes on headset + change battery message pops up in Piplay.

The battery charge green icon seen inside the headset used to flash when charging but now it is static / not flashing no matter what I do.

I have ordered a QC3.0 Charger & Cable similar to what is used in the infinite power mod linked above, it arrives Wed 3 Jan '24 to try see if that will charge the headset battery whilst in use. I did not want to buy that as I do not want another cable but I am willing to try to find out if at least that can work.

I have read that there are other users having this exact same issue with the Crystal and that does not fill me with much confidence as it seems it is not a newly found problem but has existed since months ago.

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Try a clean install GPU drivers using Amd cleanup tool. The monitor issue may have left a mess behind.

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Sure will try that, I do not have an AMD cleanup tool but have DDU, is the other better ?

What monitor issue are you talking about ? My monitor is working okay, it is a 65 inch Sony TV connected via HDMI.

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DDU has caused some issues lately with windows the AMD clean up utility has no adverse effects and does essentially the same thing. Sorry for the monitor confusion someone else on this forum was having issues with multiple monitors and the crystal.

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